Yogyakarta to Jakarta by Train

Travelling from Yogyakarta to Jakarta by train  is scenic but can be slow and hot; and beware of theft while you sleep! Stopovers in Bandung, another highland city, and Bogor which is on the edge of the Jakarta Plain, are suggested. Bandung is renowned for its cool evenings, fresh vegetables, lively people, volcano and hot springs; while Bogor has the best botanical gardens in Indonesia.

Trains to Jakarta take between 7-12 hours from the main Kota Yogyakarta station, commonly called Tugu Station. The Argo-class trains (Argo Lawu and Argo Dwipangga) are the best choice (7.5 hours, Rp380,000 including mineral water and snacks). Taksaka is also good at Rp 235,000-265,000. These express services connect Yogyakarta and Jakarta in 7-8 hours, either at daytime or overnight.

Train Schedule Yogyakarta To Jakarta

KA 51 Kereta Api Taksaka Pagi (Eksekutif) leaves 8 am, arrives Gambir 4 pm

KA 53 Kereta Api Taksaka Malam (Eksekutif) leaves 8 pm, arrives  Gambir 4 am

KA 117 Kereta Api Fajar Utama Yogyakarta (Bisnis) leaves 7 am, arrives Senen 3 pm

KA 119 Kereta Api Senja Utama Yogyakarta (Bisnis) leaves 5.45 pm, arrives Senen 2 am


Tugu Kota Railway Station

Tugu Central Railway Station at Jln Mangkubumi 1. Tel +62 274 589685; serves destinations such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Solo. To buy tickets, enter on Jln Pasar Kembang and get a queue spot, then fill out a ticket request slip, consulting the timetables on the wall. You will be called to the appropriate ticket counter, the announcement will be called (in Indonesian only) and displayed on the electronic sign on the wall. You can also buy tickets up to 90 days before departure.

Lempuyangan Railway Station

Lempuyangan Railway Station on Jalan Lempuyangan serves economy class trains with several destinations, including Jakarta Gambir Station (Rp85,000-120,000 – 8 hours night train) and Surabaya Gubeng Station (Rp50,000-60,000 -6 hours)

Bandung to Jakarta by Train

If you only make one train trip in Indonesia, make sure it’s from Bandung to Jakarta. For around $10 you can book a seat on a winding scenic ride through the highlands down to the coastal plain.

Gambir Railway Station

The most convenient way to arrive in Jakarta is by train. Gambir station, which is on the eastern side of the Merdeka Square, is quite centrally located. For those looking for budget accommodation, walk out of the station, turn to your right and head south along Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur. This road leads to the Hyatt Aryaduta Hotel roundabout. Turn right into Jalan Kebon Sirih and on your left is Jalan Jaksa, the base for many a traveller while in Jakarta.