Kuta Legian Travel Guide

Kuta Legian Travel Guide will help you find your way around the bustling tourist centre of Kuta Legian. In the 1960s Kuta was a quiet fishing village on the road from the airport to Denpasar.  By the early 1970s Kuta had grown into a major centre for surfers and backpackers because of its convenient location, long sandy beach and cheap homestay accommodation often built within local family compounds.

The beach scene now stretches 25 km from Uluwatu to Canggu along an almost continuous white sand beach facing the Indian Ocean. The push in tourist promotion has been towards package tours to fill the hotels that line the beach. The buffalo that used to graze among the beach-side coconut plantations are no more. On the other hand, if you’re looking for nightlife there are now plenty of discos, pubs and restaurants open till the early hours.

Try to find time to visit the Bali Bombing Memorial which is at Jln Legian Kaja No. 38, Kuta (near corner Jln Poppies II). The memorial is on the site of Paddy’s Pub. The Sari Club was across the road.

Kuta and Legian have dozens of designer boutiques, some specialising in leather and silk. Prices vary according to originality but they are still cheap compared to the West, especially leather.

Despite the dramatic growth that has occurred in the last few years, Kuta-Legian is still a fun place to stay, and you’re sure to enjoy your time there.

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Transportation and Getting Around Kuta Legian

Things To Do In Kuta Legian



G.P.O.               Jln Pos, Kuta

Postal Agent   Jln Legian, Kuta

Postal Agent   Jln Melasti, Legian

Intern. Phone . Jln Legian, Kuta

Tourist Information    http://www.balitourismboard.org/


BIMC Hospital

Jln Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 100X

(cnr Jln Sunset, at the Simpang Siur roundabout and underpass)

Tel. 361. 761 263

Siloam Hospital

Jln Sunset No. 818, Kuta

Tel. 361 779 900

International SOS Bali Clinic

Jln Bypass Ngurah Rai No.505X

(on Sanur side of Simpang Siur roundabout and underpass)

Tel. 361. 710505

SOS Clinic

Jln Raya Uluwatu, Nusa Dua

Tel. 361. 703 377


911 Dental

Jln Bypass Ngurah Rai, Kuta

(near BIMC Siloam Hospital)


Apotik Sari Dewi        Jln Legian, Kuta

Anugrah Drug Store   Jln Legian, Legian

Apotik Maha Sandhi Banks    Jln Kuta Raya, Kuta



Tourist Police

Jln Pantai Kuta, on the Legian side of the Sheraton Beach Walk & Resort

Tel. 361. 784 5988

Main Police Station:

Polsek Kuta

Jln Kuta-Tuban/ cnr Jln Kediri ( on the airport side of Kuta)

Tel. 361. 751 598

Police Denpasar:

Polresta Denpasar

Jln Gunung Sanghyang No.110, North Denpasar

Tel. 361. 844 8902



B.N.I. 1946                Jln Kuta Raya, Kuta

B.N.I. 1946                Jln Legian, Legian

Panin Bank               Jln Legian, Kuta

Money Changers

Central/ Mas                Jln Kuta Raya, Kuta

Masaja/ Roshana         Jln Legian, Kuta

Tri Ayu Graha             Jln Pantai Kuta, Kuta

Mas Agung/ Masaja    Jln Legian, Legian

Candra Ayu/Yan’s       Jln Melasti, Legian

Freight Forwarders

Ankasa Jaya                     Jln Tunjung Mekar, Kuta

Bali Goro                        Jln Pantai Kuta, Kuta

Diana Express             Jln Pantai/Jln Legian, Kuta

Mahanta Express         Jln Legian, Kuta

Oka Sari Freight         Jln Buni Sari, Kuta

Surya International     Jln Melasti /Legian

Udayana Expedition   Jln Legian, Legian

Wira Expedition         Jln Legian, Legian



Bali Fantastic              Jln Bakung Sari

Braga Ticketing           Jln Pantai Kuta/ Buni Sari

Biro Jasa Tour             Jln Legian

Continental T& T        Jln Pantai Kuta

Golden Kuta Tour       Jln Pantai Kuta

Graha Wista                Jln Legian

Perama Tour             Jln Legian

Relax Tour                  Jln Bakung Sari

Yaya                            Jln Legian

Yan’s Tour                   Jln Bakung Sari

STA/ Balindostar        Kuta Ria, Jln Legian

Bali Purnama              Jln Legian

Candra Ayu Tour        Jln Melasti

Easy Rider                  Jln Legian

Genta Jaya                   Jln Legian

Relax Tour                  Jln Legian

Rena Tour                   Jln Legian

Tita Rita                      Jln Legian

Wijaya Tour                Jln Legian



There are now hundreds of places to stay in the 5km strip north of the airport. Discounts of around 20% are offered in the off-season.

Because there are so many alternatives, choosing somewhere can be difficult, especially if you have not been to Bali before or had somewhere recommended. If you fly in direct, it is suggested to get a package that includes accommodation as it is much cheaper that way. Or pre-book three nights so that you will have a base while looking for somewhere more suitable or before you move away from the southern beaches.



Gemini                 Jln Bakung Sari

Lenny’s            Jln Legian

Mini                 Jln Legian

Rama Bistro    Jln Bakung Sari

Sari Indah       Jln Legian

Suci                 Jln Pantai Kuta

Viva                Jln Legian


Bamboo Inda    Jln Bakung Sari

My Place         Jln Legian

Picadilly          Jln Bakung Sari, Kuta


George & Dragon       Jln Legian, Kuta


Kuda Kayu      Kuta Ria, Jln Legian

Yogi’s Pizzeria


Nice                             Jln Pantai Kuta


Gantino Baru Padang Jln Bakung Sari

Made’s Warung           Jln Pantai Kuta

Murni Warung            Jln Pantai Kuta

R.M. Minang              Jln Pantai, Kuta


TJ’s                              Gang Poppies I, Kuta

La Barong                   Jln Pantai Kuta


Bali Indah                   Jln Buni Sari

Daya 11                       Jln Buni Sari

Fatty                            Jln Legian

Golden Café                Jln Bakung Sari

Lenny                          Jln Legian

Kuta Plaza                   Jln Bakung Sari

Kuta Reef                    Jln Kartika Plaza

Made’s                        Jln Pantai Kuta

Ngasa ri                       Jln Bakung Sari

Noni’s                          Jln Legian

Norm ‘s                        Jln Legian

Poppies                        Gang Poppies, Kuta




Aussie Rest.                Jln Melasti

Glory                           Jln Legian

Neptune Orchid Garden         Jln Melasti

Sari                              Jln Legian/Jln Padma

The Anchorage           Jln Legian, Seminyak


Legian Garden            Jln Melasti (Italian)

Pizzeria                        Jln Legian

Swiss Rest.                  Jln Legian

Topi Kopi French       Jln Pura Bagus Teruna, Seminyak


Agung Juice Park        Jln Legian

Agung Raka                Jln Legian

Anny’s Warung           Jln Pura Bagus Teruna, Seminyak

Denai Padang              Jln Legian

Simbolan                     Jln Legian

Warung Indra             Jln Pura Bagus Teruna, Seminyak

Warung Murah            Jln Legian

Willis                           Jln Melasti


Warung Satu               Jln Legian


Carlos Cantina            Jln Legian


Goa                             Jln Legian

Madras                      Jln Legian

Cafe/ Coffee Shops   

Pirato Cafe                  Jln Legian

Poci                             Jln Legian

Tiara Ice Cream          Jln Legian

Warung Kopi              Jln Legian

Yudit (24 hour)           Jln Legian


Adam Garden             Jln Legian

Go Sha                         Jln Melasti

Happy                         Jln Padma

Norman Garden          Jln Padma


Sri Dewi                      Jln Legian

Srinadi                         Jln Padma

Yudit                           Jln Legian










Obama Family rafting on Ayung River.