Malang Travel Guide

Malang Travel Guide covers Malang, a large town in the highlands of East Java, with a cool climate and friendly people. Malang is a convenient staging point for climbing Mount Bromo or Mount Sumeru. Bromo is 100 km away to the north­east, and Sumeru can be seen from town in the dry season. 40 km away to the south-west on the road to Blitar is the Karangkates Dam on the Brantas River. Malang Travel Guide.

East of Malang, near the town of Banyuwangi is Mt Ijen (pictured above). Tours can be arranged in Malang or at Banyuwangi.

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Post Office                         Jln Merdeka Selatan 1

Internat. Phone            Jln Basuki Rakhmat 9

Tourist Info.                Jln Tugu/Majapahit ((Town Hall)


Saiphul Anwar Hosp.   Jln Agung Suprapto

Pharmacy/Apotik Kabupaten        Jln Basuki Rakhmat 11

Pharmacy/Apotik Matahari           Jln Basuki Rakhmat 3


B.N.I. 1946                    Jln Basuki Rakhmat 75

Central Asia                 Jln Basuki Rakhmat 72

Bank Rakyat Indon. Jln Basuki Rakhmat 26a

Money Changers:

Cipta Harga                   Jln Agus Salim 26

Pasopati                        Jln Basuki Rakhmat 11

Rajabally                     Jln Sumeru/ Basuki Rakhmat



Medium Priced

Splendid Inn     Jln Majapahit, corner Jln Tugu

Hotel Montana     Jln Kahuripan 9

Hotel Pelangi     Jln Merdeka Selatan 3


Budget Priced – Indonesian style bath

Hotel Agung     Jln I. A. Suryani 9

Bamboo Den     Jln Sumeru, corner Jln Arjuna

Malinda Hotel     Jln Zainal Ariffin 39

Hotel Riche     Jln Basuki Rakhmat 1

Hotel Santosa     Jln Agus Salim 24

Hotel Tosari     Jln Ahmed Dahlan 23



The shopping plazas and department stores such as Gajah Mada Plaza and Malang Plaza on Jalan Agus Salim, near the central market, have plenty of outlets to suit all tastes and budgets. There are some cheap and clean Indonesian restaurants on Jalan Kawi and stalls at the Pasar Senggol evening market near Jalan Majapahit.


Amsterdam Steak        Jln A. Salim/G.M. Plaza

Oen Restaurant           Jln Basuki Rakhmat 17

Lavenda Rest.             Jln Sumeru (International)

Splendid Inn                Jln Majapahit/Jln Tugu

Hawaii Bakery            Jln Basuki Rakhmat 80

Mandala Pub               Jln A. Salim/ Malang Plaza


Kentucky Fried           Jln A. Salim/ Malang Plaza

Ayam Pemuda            Jln Sumeru/Jln Bromo

Pondok Bamboo         Jln Kawi/Jln Ijen


Duta Rasa                    Jln A.Salim/G M.Plaza

Cafe Aneka Rasa        Jln Basuki Rakhmat 7

Depot Murni               Jln Zainal Arifin 39

Depot Agung              Jln A.Salim (opp.Mitra)

Depot Remaja                         Jln Agus Salim 20

Cairo Rest.                  Jln Kapten Tendean 1

Minang Agung (Padang) Jln Basuki Rakhmat 30

Minang Jaya (Padang)     Jln Basuki Rakhmat 111


Dragon Pheonix          Jln Ahmed Dahlan

New Hong Kong         Jln A. Hakim 5

Canton Restaurant      Jln Gatot Subroto 17