Transportation and Getting Around Lovina

Bemo to Lovina from Singaraja

  • The bemo or bus from Kintamani or Karangasem stops at Buleleng Terminal. To get to Lovina it is necessary to cross town to another terminal at Banyuasri, or wait along Jalan Ahmed Yani on the way to Banyuasri, ½ km from P.O.
  • The bemo or bus from Denpasar or Ubud stops at Banyuasri    Change  to  another bemo inside terminal or cross street outside terminal and catch bemo coming from town.

Bus to Denpasar from Lovina

The route via Bedugul is shorter and safer as there are less dangerous curves on the road. Buses are safer than bemos. If on a motor bike don’t go via Kintamani as bemos and trucks cut every corner.

Bus to Candidasa and Karangasem from Lovina

Take bemo to Banyuasri Terminal and change to Buleleng Terminal across town. 18-seater buses leave from here at 8-9 AM and irregularly later in the day. The trip to Karangasem takes 2 ½ hours. Change at Karangasem Terminal to any bus or bemo heading towards Klungkung or Denpasar.

Bemo to Ubud from Lovina

First take bus or bemo to Denpasar via Bedugul to Kereneng Terminal, and then change to Ubud bemo. Some hotels in Lovina organise mini-buses for guests direct to Ubud. This is certainly the easier way and no much more expensive as you have to change several times by public transport. 

Transportation in Lovina

Pertamina    Jln Seririt, Banyuasri  km 2

Swadesi Bike Shop    Jln Seririt, Bunutpanggang  km 11.5

Motor Bike Rental:Susila    Jln Seririt, Kalibukbuk  km 11.5

Sugeng Motorbike Service   Jln Seririt, Anturan  km 8.6

Swadesi Bike Shop    Jln Seririt, Bunutpanggang

There are also many mechanics on the Lovina side of the Banyuasri Bus Terminal and Pertamina around km 2.

Transportation in Singaraja

Banyuasri Bus Station   Jln Ahmed Yani / Jln Sudirman

Buleleng Bus Station   Jln Surapati /  (Kampung Tinggi)

Bus Tickets to Java    Jln Ahmed Yani 3

Garuda Agent    Jln Ahmed Yani

Nitour Travel    Jln Ahmed Yani 57

Elteha Freight    Jln Ahmed Yani 76

Pertamina Petrol Station   Jln Ahmed Yani/ Jln Sudirman

Motor Bike Mechanics   Jln Ahmed Yani


Singaraja to Denpasar via Kintamani  – 120km

Singaraja to Denpasar via Bedugul     – 78 km

Singaraja to Karangasem via coast     – 137 km

Singaraja to Air Sanih                         – 18 km

Singaraja to Kubutambahan                – 12 km

Singaraja to Gilimanuk                       – 85 km

Kalibukbuk to Singaraja                      – 11 km

Kalibukbuk to Gilimanuk                    – 74 km

Kalibukbuk to Denpasar via Bedugul  – 89 km



Buleleng to Banyuasri

Singaraja to Kalibukbuk

Kalibukbuk to Banjar Market

Banjar to Buddhist Wihara

Kalibukbuk to Pulaki

Singaraja to Git Git Waterfall

Singaraja to Bedugul

Singaraja to Air Sanih

Singaraja to Denpasar via Bedugul

Singaraja to Karangasem

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