Candidasa Travel Guide

Candidasa Travel Guide covers the beach-side area which is 67km from Denpasar and 13km from Amlapura.  The main street of Candidasa is shaded by overhanging Kapok and coconut trees, and most of the accommodation is set among coconut plantations, so the whole area is cool and breezy. The view from the beach sweeps from Nusa Penida island to the inlet of Padangbai with a lighthouse on the head­land. On the landward side, there are rolling hills which are difficult to climb, but offer fantastic views once you get to the top. Candidasa is named after the temple overlooking the tidal lagoon,The first budget tourist lodgings, such as Kelapa Mas, Agung Bungalows and Puri Pandan were built among the coconut trees near the lagoon and ashram in the mid-1980’s. At that time the beach near the lagoon  was 15 metres wide at low tide and you could walk 50 metres out on the rock shelf with the coral gatherers.  The shelf extended along the whole length of Candidasa beach except for a small section where the fishing boats entered.

Unfortunately, by the late 1990’s all the coral had been taken, and the surf was causing severe erosion along the beachfront. Breakwaters have been built to try to stop this, but the beach has mostly disappeared. East of the lagoon the beach is rockier, but this hasn’t stopped the spread of accommodation to this beach also. On the eastern headland the locals used to cultivate seaweed on rope suspended between stakes.

Candidasa Travel Guide covers the ideal place to make your base if you want to keep away from the southern resorts. You can stay at the beach and go sightseeing without having to brave Denpasar traffic every day.

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Transportation and Getting Around Candidasa

Things To Do Near Candidasa

Finding Places in Candidasa

Most places to stay, eat and shop are strung out along Jalan Raya Candidasa, between the beachfront carpark as you enter from the south, and the sharp left-hand turn just after the Lotus Lagoon and temple. After the sharp left turn the road is named Jalan Raya Bug Bug.
Online you may also find the area named Sengkidu, which is the official name for the local area.

However, there is no systematic numbering of building blocks, and most places don’t have numbers at all.

With that in mind, we have divided Candidasa into four sections:

Jln Raya Candidasa Central – between the Lotus Lagoon and the 3 story Candidasa Beach Hotel.
Jln Raya Candidasa East – between the Lotus Lagoon and the left turn.
Jln Raya Candidasa West – between Candi Dasa Beach Hotel and the beachfront carpark.
Jln Raya Candidasa Teganan Turn-off – between the beach-front carpark and the Teganan Turn-off as far as the Pertamina petrol station.


ATM BCA, ATM Mandiri      Jln RCD Central (next Kelapa Mas)
Money Changer      Jln RCD Central
Bank Sinar      Jln RCD Central
ATM Danomon      Jln RCD West
Western Union      Jln RCD West
ATM BRI     Jln RCD Teganan Turnoff

Tourist Information     Jln RCD Central
Internet Café    Jln RCD Central

Pharmacy/Apotek Fortune      Jln RCD Central
Yagya Dasa Clinic & Pharmacy/Apotek      Jln RCD Teganan Turnoff


Polres Karangasem     Jln Bhayangkara, Amlapura
Kantor Polisi Padangbai      Jln Pelabuhan, Padangbai (at entrance to harbour)


Jalan Raya Candidasa East

Rama Bungalows
Dewata Agung

East – along Jalan Puri Bagus

Orion’s Bali Villas
Shangrila Beach Club
Oka Beach Bungalows
Puri Bagus Candi Dasa
Samuh Hill Residence

Jalan Raya Candidasa Central

Kelapa Mas Central
The Natia
Dewa Bharata Bungalows
Pondok Bamboo
Agung Bungalows

Jalan Raya Candidasa West

Candi Dasa Beach Hotel
Puri Pandan
Puri Bali Bungalows
Temple Seaside Cottages
Segara Wangi
Bungalow Gerinsing
Villa Rindik
The Watergarden

Jalan Raya Candidasa Teganan Turnoff

Bali Samudra Hotel
Bali Palm Resort
Candi Beach Cottages
Lotus Bungalows

Manggis Village

Amankila Resort
Alili Manggis
Vila Citakari Sari


Jalan Raya Candidasa East

Bali Club
Warung Astawa
Rendevous Restaurant
Balissa Bar & Restaurant
Raja’s Restaurant
Mr Grumpy’s

Jalan Raya Candidasa Central

Kelapa Mas Bar & Restaurant
Legong Restaurant
Crazy Kangaroo
Warung Srijati
Café Wayan

Jalan Raya Candidasa West

Temple Café
LE Zat Restaurant
The Dining Room
La Rouge Restaurant & Bar
Candi Bakery
Candi Dasa Restaurant
Aquaria Vegetarian Café

Jalan Raya Candidasa Teganan Turnoff

Lotus Seaview Restaurant


Jojo’s Bar Jln Raya Candidasa Central
New Queen Bar Jln Raya Candidasa West

Candi Dasa Travel Guide


Family Shop – Store      Jln Raya Candidasa East
Lucky Shop     Jln Raya Candidasa Central
Happy Shop      Jln Raya Candidasa Central
Eddy Shop      Jln Raya Candidasa Central
Alfamart Conv. Store      Jln Raya Candidasa Central
The Bottle Shop      Jln Raya Candidasa West
Alfamart Conv. Store      Jln Raya Candidasa West
Indomaret Conv. Store      Jln Raya Candidasa West
Lenia Art Shop      Jln Raya Candidasa West
ASRI Shop      Jln Raya Candidasa West