Kintamani & Lake Batur Travel Guide

Lake Batur from Penelokan on a misty day.

Kintamani and Lake Batur are located in the highlands of central Bali. The morning view from Penelokan village over the lake is fantastic. In the afternoon or the wet season, the lake and volcano are often shrouded in mist. You can cross the lake by boat and stop off at a Bali Aga village or walk across the lava flow to the small hot spring that emerges on the edge of the lake. Kintamani & Lake Batur Travel Guide.

Kintamani and Pura Penulisan Temple

This area is often shrouded in mist after noon, so go there first, and then stop at Penelokan and Lake Batur on the way back down the mountain. Kintamani is situated at the peak of the mountain range. The road then heads steeply downhill towards the north coast.

Unfortunately, you should be watchful of the locals at Penelokan as they sometimes get a bit aggressive. The village of Batur is prettier than Penelokan or Kintamani. The mountains are extremely cold overnight so make sure that you have plenty of blankets where-ever you stay.



Medium Priced

Lakeview Hotel & Rest     Penelokan

Caldera Hotel                   Penelokan

Budget Priced

Gunawan Losmen            Penelokan

Losmen Miranda              Penelokan

Losmen Superman           Batur



Lakeview Restaurant        Penelokan

Gunawan Restaurant       Penelokan

Kintamani Restaurant      Batur (buffet lunch)

Puri Selera Restaurant     Batur

Superman Restaurant      Batur


Getting to Kintamani and Lake Batur by Bemo

The intersection to Batur and Kintamani is at the 31 km post which is 3km past Gianyar. Wait for a bemo here. This bemo may stop at Bangli on the way and then go straight to Penelokan or Kintamani. If coming from Ubud catch a bemo to Denpasar, and alight at Sakah where you first meet the highway.

From Sakah catch a bemo direct to km 31.
From Kereneng Terminal at Denpasar catch a bemo or bus going to Klungkung which takes you direct to km 31, or even better, one to Bangli or Kintamani.

Temples Near Lake Batur

Pura Sekawan                 Penulisan

Pura Batur                       Batur

Other temples between Gianyar and Lake Batur

Pura Dalem                     Sidan  at  Km 35

Pura Puseh                     Sidan   at  Km 35.5

Pura Panetaran Gaja      Sidan   at  Km 36.5

Pura Panetaran Cempage  Bangli  at Km 42

Pura Kehen                        Bangli  at Km 43

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tours

Local tour companies such as Kintamani Tour, Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour, and Bali Volcano Trekking offer the chance to experience sunrise at the top of an active volcano – Mt Batur.

The tour starts around 2 am from your local hotel, then descends down to lake level by van, then climb to the top of the volcano in time for sunrise.


Trekking Around Lake Batur

A specially designated ‘tourist forest’ lies off the main road just before you arrive at Penelokan from Bangli. It extends up to the rim of the volcano. There is another open forest off the road to the left/west 2km past Kintamani. This stretches into the valley and on to Mount Batukau. From Pura Batur temple there is a track leading to the lava flow inside the crater. This track is not passable during the wet season.