Lovina and North Bali Travel Guide

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Bedugul


Lovina Beach, on the north coast of Bali, is actually a number of beaches and villages spread out along 8km of coastline to the west of Singaraja. Lovina proper, which is at Kalibukbuk village, is ll km from Singaraja and offers a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and other facilities. The other grouping of places to stay and eat is centred on Anturan village at the 8 km post. The first place out of Singaraja, Baruna Cottages, is only 3-4 km from Banyuasri Bus Terminal and petrol station. Lovina and North Bali Travel Guide.

The original Lovina was the name of a restaurant built in 1954 when Singaraja was still the capital of Bali. After the capital was moved to Denpasar in 1960 business fell off and the restaurant was demolished. Permata Cottages now stands on the site. The few losmen that existed in the early 1970’s were in turn flattened in the 1976 earthquate.

Anturan village is quieter than Kalibukbuk, not having hawkers selling on the beach. However, there is less variety of accommodation, bars and cafes.

Being 100 km from Denpasar, Lovina offers a more relaxed holiday than Kuta or Sanur. There is plenty to do there, such as snorkelling on the reef 1/2km off-shore, trekking in the foothills or further afield in the central mountains, visiting the many local temples or soaking oneself in the hot sulphur pools. Or just lazing around on the grey-sand beach where the sun sets behind the towering peaks of Java.



Postal Agent

Postal Agent

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Jln Seririt (Aditya Bung)    km 12.1

Jln Seririt (Permata Bung)  km 11.2

Jln Seririt (Aditya Bung)    km 12.1

Jln Seririt, Kalibukbuk       km 10.7


Jln Seririt, Kalibukbuk      km 11.5

Jln Seririt, Kalibukbuk      km 10

Jln Seririt, Bunutpanggang  km 11.5


Medium Priced

Baruna Beach Cott.     facing beach, Anturan  6.5 km

Suci Jati Bung.     facing beach, Anturan 7 km

Mandira Cottages     facing beach, Anturan 8 km

Banyualit Beach Inn     facing beach, Anturan 9.4 km

Nirwana Seaside Cott.     facing beach, Kalibukbuk 10.5 km

Peramata Cottages     facing beach, Kalibukbuk 11.5 km

Tasik Madu Hotel     facing beach, Kalibukbuk 11.5 km

Aditya Bungalows     facing beach, Bunutpanggng 12.1 km

Samudra Cottages    facing beach, Bunutpanggang 14 km


Budget Priced Homestay or Losmen – cold shower

Yudha Simon H/ S     facing beach, Anturan 8 km

Homestay Sri     facing beach, Anturan 8 km

Agung Homestay     facing beach, Anturan 8 km

Lila Cita     facing beach, Anturan 8.5 km

John Dive Inn on road to beach, Anturan      9.4

Kalibukbuk Beach Inn     facing beach, Anturan 9.4 km

Ayodya      on main road, Kalibukbuk 10.5 km

Wisata Jaya     on main road, Kalibukbuk 10.5 km

Srikandi Coachhouse     on main road, Kalibukbuk 10.7 km

Angsoka Bungalows     on road to beach, Kalibukbuk

Badai Homestay     on main road, Kalibukbuk

Arjuna Homestay     on main road, Kalibukbuk 11.2 km

Purnama Homestay     on main road, Kalibukbuk 11.4 km

Susila Beach Inn     on main road, Kalibukbuk 11.4 km

Manggala Homestay     on main road, Kalibukbuk 11.4 km

Hotel Ayu     on main road, Bunutpanggang 14 km

Krisna Beach Inn     facing beach, Bunutpanggang 14 km



Most restaurants and cafes serve Western, Indonesian and Chinese meals.


Baruna Rest.     facing beach, Anturan 6.5 km

Suci Jati Rest.     facing beach, Anturan 7 km

Harmoni Rest.    on main road, Anturan 8 km

Perama Restaurant     on main road, Anturan 8 km

Yudha Simon Rest.     facing beach, Anturan  8 km

Lila Cita Restaurant     facing beach, Anturan 8.5 km

Warung Sederhana     facing beach, Anturan 8.5 km

Banyualit Seafood     facing beach, Anturan 9.4 km

Khi Khi Seafood     on main road, Kalibukbuk 10.5 km

Rotterdam Snack Bar     on main road, Kalibukbuk 10.7 km

Nirwana Restaurant     facing beach, Kalibukbuk 11 km

Bali Bintang B/R     facing lagoon, Kalibukbuk l1 km

Badai Restaurant     on main road, Kalibukbuk 11 km

Bhina Rai Restaurant     on main road, Kalibukbuk 11 km

Oka’s B/R     facing beach, Kalibukbuk 11 km

Manggala II Restaurant     on main road, Kalibukbuk 11 km

Dayana Seafood     on main road, , Kalibukbuk 11.2 km

Permata Restaurant     on main road, Kalibukbuk 11.3 km

Manggala Restaurant     on main road, Kalibukbuk 11.4 km

John’s Pub     facing beach, Kalibukbuk 11.4 km

Martha’s Warung     on main road, Bunutpanggang 11.5 km

Adi Rama Restaurant    on main road, Bunutpanggang 11.5 km

Jonnie’s Place     on main road, Bunutpanggang 12 km

Puri Rata B/R    on main road, Bunutpanggang 12 km

Samudra Restaurant     facing beach, Bunutpanggang 14 km

Krisna B/R     facing beach, Bunutpanggang 14 km




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Swadesi Bike Shop

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Sugeng Motor Service

Swadesi Bike Shop


Jln Seririt, Banyuasri          km 2

Jln Seririt, Bunutpanggang km 11.5


Jln Seririt, Kalibukbuk       km 11.5


Jln Seririt, Anturan            km 8.6

Jln Seririt, Bunutpanggang

There are also many mechanics on the Lovina side of the Banyuasri Bus Terminal and Pertamina around km 2.

Distances Around North Bali

Singaraja to Denpasar via Kintamani  – 120km

Singaraja to Denpasar via Bedugul     – 78 km

Singaraja to Karangasem via coast     – 137 km

Singaraja to Air Sanih                         – 18 km

Singaraja to Kubutambahan                – 12 km

Singaraja to Gilimanuk                       – 85 km

Kalibukbuk to Singaraja                      – 11 km

Kalibukbuk to Gilimanuk                    – 74 km

Kalibukbuk to Denpasar via Bedugul  – 89 km


Bemo and Bus Routes Around Lovina

Buleleng to Banyuasri

Singaraja to Kalibukbuk

Kalibukbuk to Banjar Market

Banjar to Buddhist Wihara

Kalibukbuk to Pulaki

Singaraja to Git Git Waterfall

Singaraja to Bedugul

Singaraja to Air Sanih

Singaraja to Denpasar via Bedugul

Singaraja to Karangasem

Bemo to Lovina from Singaraja

  • The bemo or bus from Kintamani or Karangasem stops at Buleleng Terminal. To get to Lovina it is necessary to cross town to another terminal at Banyuasri, or wait along Jalan Ahmed Yani on the way to Banyuasri, ½ km from P.O.
  • The bemo or bus from Denpasar or Ubud stops at Banyuasri    Change  to  another bemo inside terminal or cross street outside terminal and catch bemo coming from town.

Bus to Denpasar from Lovina

The route via Bedugul is shorter and safer as there are less dangerous curves on the road. Buses are safer than bemos. If on a motor bike don’t go via Kintamani as bemos and trucks cut every corner.

Bus to Candidasa and Karangasem from Lovina

Take bemo to Banyuasri Terminal and change to Buleleng Terminal across town. 18-seater buses leave from here at 8-9 AM and irregularly later in the day. The trip to Karangasem takes 2 ½ hours. Change at Karangasem Terminal to any bus or bemo heading towards Klungkung or Denpasar.

Bemo to Ubud from Lovina

First take bus or bemo to Denpasar via Bedugul to Kereneng Terminal, and then change to Ubud bemo. Some hotels in Lovina organise mini-buses for guests direct to Ubud. This is certainly the easier way and no much more expensive as you have to change several times by public transport. 



Lovina and North Bali Travel Guide



The port of Buleleng, situated at the mouth of river of the same name, was for many years the centre of Dutch influence in Bali. Stone warehouses on the waterfront handle cargo from as far away as Singapore and Hong Kong, and inter-island vessels anchor off-shore. Walking along the shore one can imagine the former bustling entrepot. The reality is that the old anchorage has long silted up, and, except for the wet season, the river is shallow and full of reeds and rubbish.

Singaraja is one km away from the coast in the cooler suburbs towards Bedugul. The government offices are on the corner of Jalan Veteran and Jalan Ngurah Rai, and all road distances in north Bali are measured from this point. Opposite is the Tourist Information Centre. 200 metres away is the Gedong Kertya Historical Library which is in the compound of the former royal palace, and the Sasana Budaya Art Centre. Nearby on Jalan Gajah Mada, which leads from the Post Office towards Denpasar and Bedugul are the royal temples; Pura Dalem and Pura Desa Bale Agung.

The easiest way to get to Lovina from Singaraja or Buleleng is by bemo from the Banyuasri Bus Terminal. If you arrive from Kintamani or Karangasem you have to transfer to Jalan Ahmed Yani or Banyuasri itself. Keep an eye on the km posts for the distance back to Singaraja.



Post Office

Tourist Info


Medical :


Pharmacy / Apotik


Health Clinic

Banks :

Bank B.N.I.



Jln Diponegoro

Jln Veteran

Jln Pramuka


Jln Ahmed Yani 75-95

Jln Ahmed Yani

Jln Ngurah Rai

Jln Ahmed Yani


Jln Surapati



Hotel Garuda

Duta Karya Hotel

Other hotels are on


Jln Ahmed Yani 74

Jln Ahmed Yani 55

Jln Ahmed Yani and in Buleleng



Taman Lila Complex


Rumah Makan Populir

Jln Pramuka /

Jln Diponegoro

Buleleng Bus Station


Banyuasri Bus Stn

Buleleng Bus Stn


Bus Tickets to Java

Garuda Agent

Nitour Travel



Elteha Freight

Petrol Station

Motor Bike Mechanics

Jln A. Yani / Jln Sudirman

Jln Surapati

(Kampung Tinggi)

Jln Ahmed Yani 3

Jln Ahmed Yani

Jln Ahmed Yani 57



Jln Ahmad Yani 76

Jln A. Yani / Jln Sudirman

Jln Ahmed Yani


Anyar Market

Diponegoro Shop, Centre

Banyusari Market

Buleleng Market

Jln Diponegoro

Jln Diponegoro

Jln Ahmed Yani

Jln Gajah Mada


Gedong Tirta

Historical Library

Sasana Budaya Art Centre

Bratan Gold/Silver Vill

Buleleng Harbour




Jln Veteran

Jln Veteran

Jln Bedugul

Jln Surapati





Pura Segera                              Jln Surapati

Pura Desa Bale Agung          Jln Gajah Mada
Pura Dalem                             Jln Gajah Mada

Lovina and North Bali Travel Guide


To The West of Lovina

Banjar Hot Springs

In 1985 the hot springs were redeveloped to include swimming pool and showers, restaurant and bar. The source of the hot water for the pool is behind the restaurant. Another smaller hot spring is 100 metres upstream from the main pool. Here, amongst the foliage, the rock has been cut away to form a small bath with the hot water gushing from a spout overhead. Alternate between a quick dip in the river and a long soak in the pool. The best time to visit the hot springs is in the cool of the afternoon or early evening.

Buddhist Monastery/Wihara

This hillside monastery is reached by turning left at the intersection in the middle of Banjar market. Then follow the road upwards and to the right for 2-3km

Sing-Sing Weir

At the 14.5 km mark, follow a dirt road about 500m to the weir. Further upstream is a waterfall in the wet season. Not for swimming in the Dry.

Desa Kali-Anget

This is a typical North Balinese village 1km to the west of Banjar market. The name means ‘hot river’. The village temple is a good place to witness Balinese culture. The elders of the temple are friendly.

Desa Labuan-Haji

Situated 5 km towards Gilimanuk from Lovina. Typical of the towns in north Bali which have been populated by Javanese migrants. Quite dusty and sterile but an interesting comparison if you don’t plan to cross the strait to Java.


Traditional harbour for luggers trading with Kalimantan. 20 km west of Kalibukbuk.

Pulaki Temple

Monkey forest and old temple 45 km to the west of Lovina on the way to Gilimanuk. The temple is 2 km off the main road on a cliff above the beach. Tours are organised from Lovina to attend ceremonies.

Pulau Menjangan

Possibly the best place for scuba diving and snorkeling in Bali. Part of the Teluk Terima National Aquatic Park. A permit from the ranger on Bali  is needed to enter. Boats to Menjangan Island leave from Teluk Terima Harbour. Very basic accommodation is avail­able 5 km from the main road opposite the island. Take your own diving gear with you. Situated 50 km west of Kalibukbuk or 20 km before Gilimanuk.

To The East of Lovina

North Bali between Singaraja and Air Sanih is more similar in looks to Java than Bali. The town of Kubutambahan, 11 km east of Singaraja, was once the centre of a great kingdom. A number of large temples are reminders of the former glory. They are:

  • Pura Maduwe Karang at Kubutambahan is the biggest temple in north Bali. Nearby on the corner of the Kintamani road is Pura Bale Agung and 200m away is Pura Dalem.
  • Pura Beji at  Sangsit is 7 km from Singaraja.  It is dedicated to the rice crop.
  • Pura Jagaraja is on the road into the hills from Sangsit.
  • At Sawan is a village of gong-smiths.
  • Pura Desa at Tamblang is 5 km from Kubutambahan.
  • Pura Ponjok Batu is a smaller temple  10 km from Kubutambahan  on a cliff over the sea where the Karangasem road leaves the coast.
  • Air Sanih

As well as temples, this area offers beautiful coastal views near the Air Sanih spring pools. The pools are fed by fresh spring water. There are bungalows and a rest­aurant in the complex. For 3km past Air Sanih the road overhangs the cliff, past sandy coves that shelter fishing boats. The resort is 15km from Singaraja

To The South of Lovina

Git Git Waterfall

Located 5 km from Singaraja on the road to Bedugul. Walk 1 km through the ricefields.

Bedugul and Lake Bratan

There is an orchid market and Botanical Gardens at Bedugul which was established in 1959.  The Pura Ulu Danu Bratan was flooded by the rising level of the lake in the 1970’s but has since been reclaimed. The lake is good for water-skiing and the Bali Handara golf club is nearby at Panca Sari. There is budget accommodation around the lake, bungalows in the forest, a hotel on the edge of the escarpment 2km towards Denpasar and luxury villas at Bali Handara. The area can be very cold at night.

Pupuan Mountain Resort

Located 25 km from Kalibukbuk on the road that leaves the coast at Seririt heading towards Denpasar.


Trekking Near Lovina

Each of these treks take you into the high country behind Lovina where you have fantastic views over the coast. They are all in loop form. If you get tired or dusk falls, head back the way you came rather than continuing on.

Kayu Putih Melaka Trek 2-3 hours

Take bitumen road opposite the Ayodya Hotel at km 10.5 into the hills. At Desa Kayu Putih follow road to the right/west until you meet another road heading downhill back to the coast.

Banyuseri & Pendawa Trek 8-10 hours

Follow the main road through Banjar market into the hills. Quite a steep climb to Banyuseri village at the 5km post. Stop for refreshments at a small warung at the 4 km peg before the final climb to the plateau. Continuing through the ricefields the road climbs towards your left and is passable only to off-road vehicles for the next 5 km. The road skirts the ridge and emerges at the village of Banjar Tegeha. Public transportation back to Banjar exists in the form of “ojak” (lift on motor bike) back to Banjar market. If there is a local truck going down, hitch a ride! Stop off at the Buddhist Wihara on the way down.

Should you wish to do the 22 km trek in the opposite direction, turn left at the cross-road in Banjar market. The road climbs steeply for 2 km to the Buddhist Wihara, and then 7 km to Desa Pedawa, where the bitumen road ends. Turn right at the T-Junction in Desa Pedawa, then the right fork, past the public bathing  place and  follow the track 5 km to Desa Banyuseri on the plateau. From here descend to Banjar.

Whichever way you go, call in for a soothing soak in the hot springs on the way back.

Lake Tamblingan Trek 2-3 days

A much longer trek that goes in a similar but longer arc. Start at the town of Pengastulan 12 km west of Kalibukbuk. Take the road heading south to Pupuan, Antosari and Denpasar. Stop at Mayong approximately 10 km into the mountains and head east towards Kayuputih, Mundak or Goblek. From Kayuputih it is possible to get.back to Banjar/Lovina. After Mundak the road is slippery the rainy season. Check whether it is raining in the mountains (or Ubud) before you leave because it rarely rains at Lovina. The track skirts the old crater rim with views over Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan. The track meets the Denpasar-Singaraja road 10 km north of Bedugul and Lake Bratan, or 20 km from Singaraja.