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This travel guide covers Denpasar, the largest town in Bali and its capital. Denpasar is a twenty minute drive from both Kuta and Sanur by car or mini-bus. Jalan Gajah Mada is the main street where the banks, tourist information office and the main market are situated. Denpasar Travel Guide. Some of the Government services, such as the G.P.O. and Immigration are located at the Civic Centre area at Renon.


The royal family of Badung (the district) is famous for the fight it put up against the Dutch invaders in 1908. The field opposite the museum was the scene of Puputan, which was a mass suicide of Balinese warriors who faced the Dutch army. Hundreds of Balinese men, armed with their traditional weapons, chose death rather than subservience to the Dutch.

Pasar Badung Market Denpasar

The main market is mid-way along Jalan Gajah Mada next to the river. It is easy to spend hours wandering among the stalls. On the lower level is the food market and upstairs are clothing and material. Pasar Kumbasari, on the opposite side of the river facing the main market, has a wide variety of merchandise especially batik.

There is more variety of clothing at Kuta or Legian, but Denpasar is the best place to buy fresh fruit. In Indonesian markets all people selling similar products are grouped together so competition is intense. The cross streets between Jalan Gajah Mada and Jalan Hassanudin house shops selling clothing material, gold and silver, and books.


General Post Office                 Jln Puputan Raya

Post Office Kereneng              Jln Kemuning

Tourist Information                Jln Surapati

Internat. Phone                        Jln Kedondong


** see the Kuta or Sanur sections for the other hospitals nearby **

Sanglah Hospital                     Jln Diponegoro

Pharmacy/ Chemist/ Apotik

Sanglah                                    Jln Diponegoro 43

Kresna Pharma                       Jln Gajah Mada/Jln Thamrin

Sadha Karya                            Jln Gajah Mada 41

Gajah Mada                            Jln Gajah Mada 28

Traffic Police                          Jln Seruni

Pertamina                                Jln Cokroaminoto/Jln Maruti

Pertamina                                Jln Diponegoro

Airline Offices                        Jln Melasti


Bank Dagang Negara             Jln Gajah Mada 3

Bank BNI                                 Jln Gajah Mada 30

Bank Mandiri                          Jln Veteran

Bank BRI                                Jln Gajah Mada 5

OEB                                         Jln Gajah Mada 122

Persada Money Change      Jln Gajah Mada 85



Medium Priced

Inna Bali Hotel                       Jln Veteran

Denpasar Hotel                       Jln Diponegoro

Pemecutan Palace                   Jln Thamrin/ Hassanudin

Budget Priced

(share bathroom)

Hotel Bali Agung                                Jln Kresna 5

Hotel Elim                                           Jln Kaliasem

Hotel Nusa Indah                                Jln Beliton 10

Hotel Jaya                                           Jln Hassanudin

Hotel Merte Sari                                 Jln Hassanudin

Kaya Mas Inn                                     Jln Surapati 21

Losmen Berata                                    Jln Diponegoro 43

Losmen Pendawa                               Jln Hassanudin

Losmen Suranadhi                              Jln Sumatra 29

Wisma Sari Inn                                   Jln Sutoyo

There are many other Medium and Budget hotels in the vicinity of Jln Diponegoro, Jln Puputan Raya and Jln Patih Jelantik near Sanglah.



Agung Restaurant                               Bali Hotel Jln Veteran (24 hour coffee shop)

Atoom Baru Restaurant                      Jln Gajah Mada 108 (mixed Asian)

Hong Kong Restaurant                       Jln Gajah Mada 99 (Chinese, seafood)

Hawaii Restaurant                              Pasar Kumbasari,  Jln Gajah Mada (Chinese)

Thamrin Steakhouse                           Jln Thamrin 45 (Steak, Western)

Rumah Makan Kartika                       Jln Gagah Mada/ Wahidin (Indonesian)

Rumah Makan Padang                       Jln Thamrin 40 (Padang)

Rumah Makan Puri Selera                Jln Gagah Mada 16 (Chinese)

Singgalang Jaya Padang                     Jln Thamrin 21 (Padang)

Soto Ayam                                           Jln Gunung Semeru 6 (Chicken soup)

Warung Nasi                                       Jln Kresna 3 (mixed rice)

Warung Nasi                                       Jln Arjuna (mixed rice)


Batik Danar Hadi                              Jln Diponegoro 100

Gold shops                                          Jln Sulawesi near Jln Hassanudin

Textile Shops                                      Jln Sulawesi near Jln Gajah Mada

Bookshops                                          Jln Sumatra

Electronics                                          Jln Thamrin

Boutiques                                            Pasar Kumbarsari, Jln Gajah Mada

Supermarket and Mall

Carrefour Iman Bonjol                  Jln Iman Bonjol No. 440, Pemecutan Kelod, Denpasar
Level 21 Mall                                   Jln Teuku Umar No. 1, corner Jln Diponegoro



Denpasar is a small but busy town. Public transport is by a three or four mini-bus called a “bemo”, which follows set routes in a clockwise direction around town. Most routes pass through Tegal Terminal on the Kuta/ Airport/Nusa Dua side of town, and Kereneng Terminal on the Sanur side of town. Some, but not all, go along Jalan Gajah Mada which is the shortest route between these two terminals.

Buses heading west to Java and Tabanan leave from Ubung Terminal. Buses and mini-­buses to other destinations in Bali leave from the Kereneng Terminal (central bus station).

There is a direct bemo service from Nusa Dua and Kuta to Tegal Terminal. From Sanur there are services to Kereneng Terminal or Sanglah via Renon. To get to Jalan Gajah Mada from Tegal or Kereneng Terminals catch a 3 or 4 wheeler going to “Gajah Mada”.


How to get to the following from Jalan Gajah Mada :

  1. P.O – to Sanglah or Panjer via Jln Sudirman ; alight at Jln Puputan Raya then walk or “ojek” on a motorbike taxi.
  2. Immigration – as above, then first street on left.
  3. P.O. Kereneng — to Kereneng, then walk.
  4. International Phone — to Kereneng via Jln Veteran, alight at Jln Kedondong.
  5. Airline Offices — to Kereneng via Jln Patimura. alight at Jln Melati.
  6. Hospital — to Sanglah, alight at terminal.
  7. S.T.I. Dance — to Tohpati via Jln Supratman, alight at Jln Ratna.




1.     Tegal-Kuta-Legian-Tuban-Buala

2.     Tegal-Kuta-Pecatu

3.     Kereneng-Sanur


4.     Sanur-Renon-Sanglah

5.     Sanur-Renon-Panjer

6.     Suci-Sanglah

7.     Suci-Kampus-Panjer

8.     Kereneng-Penatih-Topati

9.     Kereneng-Tonjo-Nonongan-Topati

                     Bus Colur                    VIA

1.Navy Blue                   Jln Imam Bonjol

2.Blue/White                 Uluwatu, airport

3.Green                          Jln Sanur Raya,                                                  Tanjungbungkak


4.Cream                       GPO & Imming.

5.Cream/red                  as above

6.Grey                           Jln Diponegoro

7.Grey                            Jln Sudirman

8.Yellow/blue              ASTI Dance Academy

9.Red/Yellow               Swimming Pool


Bemo and Mini-Bus Terminals






Jln Kamboja

Jln Imam Bonjol

Jln Cokroaminoto

Jln Hassanudin

Jln Diponegoro



Denpasar Museum

Main Market

S.S.T.I. Dance Academy


Pura Jagatnata

Pura Desa

Jln Wisnu

Jln Gajah Mada

Jln Ratna


Jln Wisnu

Jln Gajah Mada


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