Ubud Travel Guide

Ubud Cremation Preparations


Ubud Travel Guide covers the first stop for most people who move away from Kuta or Sanur, and is the only place in Bali where there is a wide variety of accommodation not on a beach. Walking amongst the ricefields you catch a glimpse of Balinese life as it really is, not the hybrid version that has been created in the south of the island. Ubud travel guide.

Ubud is famous as the centre of Balinese painting, and one kilometre towards Denpasar is Peliatan, home of one of the best dance and gamelan troupes in Bali. Places of interest include the Museum of Painting, former royal palaces, as well as relatively untouched villages and rice paddies stretching to the horizon. Not far from Ubud is Goa Gajah with its meditation retreat and fountains, the archaeological museum at Bedulu and the former Royal capitals of Gianyar and Bangli.

While Ubud may not have the nightlife and variety of shopping of Kuta or Sanur, it does offer a look at Balinese art and culture in a natural setting without the hustle and bustle.


Most of the original Balinese painters came from Ubud. In the 1970s Ubud was at the centre of Balinese painting.  The so-called “young artists” follow  traditional and modern styles, and their paintings are much cheaper than those by the Masters.

To get an idea of Balinese art and wood carving before buying, visit the Art Gallery “Puri Lukisan Ratna Warta”. The gallery consists of three buildings set in beautiful gardens and rice fields near the centre of Ubud. Two house permanent exhibitions, and one is run by the local Painters Co-­operative. The works at the Co-operative hall are for sale, and prices are negotiable. Each month a different local group shows their work, and each painter can show only one painting.

However, if you like a particular painter’s style, make a note of his name and village and track him down later. The biggest group is from the village of Padangtegal which is between Ubud proper and the monkey forest. Museum Puri Lukisan was set up with money donated by Europeans and a local prince.


At Lempad’s house on Jalan Raya, his grandsons carry on the tradition and put out some good work. Lempad, who died in 1978 aged 97, had a very distinctive sketching style. Some of his sketches are on show at his house.

Jalan Monkey Forest has many galleries with reasonably priced traditional and modern art. One of the modern forms is the Japanese-influenced screens. There are also quite a few galleries on the main street, some of which do not offer value for money.


The growth of tourism in Ubud has promoted a resurgence of local interest in studying painting, dance and drama. As a result, it is now possible to watch cultural performances each night at one of the local community centres. As well as these arranged shows, which consist of a medley of dances normally restricted to special religious occasions, the traditional arts of dance and drama with gamelan music still plays an integral part of any religious holiday or ceremony.


Post Office                               Jln Pos/Jln Raya, Terbesaya

Tourist Info                             Bina Wisata. Jln Ubud Raya

Money Changer  Tiro            Jln Ubud Raya

Tourist Information    http://www.balitourismboard.org/


Pharmacy/Apotik                    Jln Cok Cede Rai,Terbesaya

Dentist                                      Jln Ubud Raya, Terbesaya

Health Clinic                           Jln Ubud Raya

Police                                        Jln Tegalalang, Terbesaya


Dewa House                            Jln Ubud Raya






Up-Market Resorts

There are several up-market luxury resorts overlooking the Ayung River valley near  the villages of Sayan and Kedewatan, around 2-3 km north-west of central Ubud.

These include Amandari, Four Seasons Resort, The Chedi, Begawan Giri Estate, Banyan Tree Kamandulu, Kupu Kupu Barong, and the Cahaya Dewata Bungalows.

Medium-Priced Bungalows

Oka Kartini                      Jln Cok Gede Rai, Terbesaya
Puri Saren                           Jln Ubud Raya
Saraswati                         Jln Ubud Raya
Siti Bungalows                  Jln Kajeng
Tjampuan Hotel            Jln Ubud Raya, Campuan
Ulan Ubud                       Jln Ubud Raya, Campuan

Budget-Priced Bungalows

Ananda Cottages        Jln Ubud Raya, Campuan

Cecak Inn                    off Jln Ubud Raya, Campuan

Matahari                      Jln Pos, Terbesaya

Menara Hotel              Jin Ubud Raya

Mumbul Inn                Jln Ubud Raya

Munut Bungalows     Jln Campuan, Campuan

Sudarsono Bungalows            Jln Ubud Raya

Ubud Hotel                Jln Suweta

Ubud Inn                     Jln Monkey Forest, Padangtegal

Adur                Jln Raya, Campuan

Arjuna Inn       Jln Campuan, Campuan Kelod

Dwi Tunggal               Gg Penestanan, Penestanan Kaja

Kardi               Jln Campuan, Campuan Kelod

Londo Pugur               Gg Penestanan

Penestanan Homestay   Gg Penestanan

Sadia                           Jln Campuan, Campuan Kelod

Sadri and Rasmi          Gg Penestanan

 Budget-Priced Campuan/Penestanan

Sari Homestay      Jln Raya, Campuan Kelod
Ganesha      Jln Campuan, Penestanan Kelod

Budget — Ubud/Padangtegal

Adi                                           Jln Sugriwa, Padangtegal
Agus Pension                     off Jln Monkey Forest, Padangtegal
Alit House                              Jln Monkey Forest, Padangtegal
Arjana                              Jln Kajeng, Ubud
Artini                              old Denpasar Road, Padangtegal
Budi                                Jln Pos, Terbesaya
Fibra Inn                           Jln Monkey Forest, Padangtegal
Frog Pond Inn             Jln Monkey Forest, Padangtegal
Gayatri                            Jln Monkey Forest, Ubud
Gerhana Sari                  off Jln Monkey Forest, Padangtegal
Ibu Rai                           off Jln Monkey Forests Padangtegal
Karyawan Beautiful      off Jln Monkey Forest, Padangtegal
Garden                          Jln Monkey Forest     , Padangtegal
Madri Pension          past Monkey Forest Temple, Padangtegal
Mawar Homestay      Kampung Aman, Ubud
Masih                                 Jln Sugriwa, Padangtegal
M.F. Hideaway           Jln Monkey Forest, Padangtegal
Nick’s Pension            off Jln Monkey Forest, Padangtegal
Pondok Indah            Kampung Aman, Ubud
Pondok Sari                       Kampung Aman, Ubud
Puri Muwa                          Jln Monkey Forest, Ubud
Rama and Sita             behind Nomad ‘s, Padangtegal
Rojas                          Jln Kajeng, Ubud
Suartha                     old Denpasar Road, Padangtegal
Tantri                         old Denpasar Road, Padangtegal
Tjanderi Losmen      Jln Monkey Forest, Ubud
Wahyu Losmen       Jln Monkey Forest, Ubud
Warsa                          Jln Monkey Forest, Padangtegal
Weda                            Jln Pos, Terbesaya


Note: B/R = Bar and Restaurant

Bendi B/R                      Jln Monkey Forest, Ubud
Beggar’s Bush B/R      Jln Raya, Campuan
Cacik                            Jln Raya, Campuan
Cafe Wayan                Jln Money Forest, Padtgl
Canderi                       Jln Monkey Forest, U bud
Fibra B/R                     Jln Monkey Forest, Padtgl
Griya                           Jln Raya, Ubud
Han Snel Garden Restaurant B/R     Jln Kajeng, Ubud
Harry Chew               Jln Monkey Forest, U bud
Kartika                          Jln Suweta„ Ubud
Lotus Cafe                  Jln Raya, Ubud
Menara                     Jln Raya, (Jbud
M. M. Warung         Jln Suweta, Ubud
M.F Hideaway           Jln Monkey Forest, Padtgl
Mumbul Restaurant      Jln Raya, Ubud
Munut                       Jln Campuan, Campuan
Murni’s Warung      Jln Raya, Campuan
Mustika                    Jln Raya, Ubud
Nomad B/R            Jln Raya, Ubud
Sari                          Jln Raya, Campuan
Sayan                        Jln Raya, Ubud
Shadana Vegetarian      Jln Raya, Ubud
Tjampuan Hotel B/ R      Jln Raya, Campuan
Ubud Raya Coffee      Jln Raya, Terbesaya
Ubud Restaurant       Jln Monkey Forest, Padtgl
Kupu Kupu                 Jln Raya, Campuan

Restaurant on Jalan Monkey Forest


Ubud is around 35km north of Kuta Beach, or 30km north of Sanur.
Public transport between the beaches and Ubud is difficult because all public transport stops at the Batubulan Terminal on the northern outskirts of Denpasar.

To get to Kuta from there you also need to change bemo at Tegal Terminal, or to Sanur the change is at Kereneng Terminal. Far easier is a shuttle bus for tourists run by one of the tour companies in Ubud along Jalan Raya Ubud, or Jalan Monkey Forest.
Allow 1 – 2 hours for the trip, and even longer if going to the airport.

Travel Agents & Car Rental

Perama Bus Ubud      Jln Raya Padangtegal, Pengesokan (south of Monkey Forest)
Tel. 361 973 316
Bali Goro                    Jln Raya, Ubud
Mumbul Tour            Jln Raya, Ubud
Nomad Car Hire        Jln Raya, Ubud
Gusti ‘s                        Jln Raya, Ubud
Purpa Car                   Jln Raya, Ubud
Bali Coach Tour & Freight     Jln Monkey Forest, Ubud