Bali to Yogyakarta by Bus

Overnight buses to Java go through the Ubung Bus Terminal before leaving Denpasar, and most buses remain there for at least an hour. Also when you book your ticket, check whether the time on the ticket is departure or check-in time. Each afternoon there are buses to Surabaya, Malang, Solo/Surakarta and Jogya/Yogyakarta. Bali to Yogyakarta by Bus.

Java, the volcano studded island across the water from Bali to the west, can easily be reached by way of the innumerable day-buses that run between most major Balinese towns and the ferry terminal at Gilimanuk. After crossing on the ferry to Banyuwangi, one has the choice of buses to various points in Java or the slow train to Surabaya on the way from Bali to Yogyakarta by bus.

Overnight express bus is generally preferred not only for the ease of the journey, but also for the fact that the harsh and dry coastal plains of East Java take on a special beauty when viewed under the glow of the moon. Depending on your luck, the wait to get on the ferry can be a long one. If so, go for a walk along the water’s edge and gain some inspiration for the next episode of the Indonesian experience that is gradually unfolding before you.

Should you wish to climb Mt. Bromo, take the north coast route (to Surabaya) and alight at Pasuruan or Probolinggo. Those willing to put up with freezing temperatures can witness sunrise on a desert-like landscape seemingly transported from outer space.

If you are wondering whether it is worth the extra to travel with air conditioning, the answer is yes!

This is because Indonesians generally don’t like to leave the windows open at night, no matter how hot it is. As a result, it become very humid and stuffy and impossible to sleep. On the other hand, air conditioning can be very cold after a hot day, so have a pullover or sarong handy.