Surabaya Travel Guide

Surabaya is a large city on the north coast of East Java. Surabaya Travel Guide covers a city which was once the major port of colonial Indonesia. The city was a centre of fighting during the struggle for independence. If you are planning to visit Sulawesi, Kalimantan or any of the islands between Java and New Guinea, check at the Pelni Shipping Company office for scheduled departures. There are many other ships ply­ing these routes and it is possible to arrange a berth or deck-space on these at Tanjung Perak harbour.

The staff of the Government tourist office at Jalan Gubenur Suryo 15, are very helpful and glad to show you how to occupy your time, should you be waiting for a boat.

Check the program at THR Peoples’ Amuse­ment Park. There may be an interesting evening per­formance, such as traditional dance or a local rock group.

While the most picturesque route to Java from Bali is via Malang, if a daytime stop-over in Surabaya is necessary, you can visit one of the biggest zoos in Indonesia. Conveniently situated opposite the Joyoboyo Bus Sta­tion at the southern end of town, the zoo has a seem­ingly endless array of birds, an island community of monkeys and other apes, and an old Komodo Dragon.



Post Office                              Jln Pemuda

Immigration                            Jln Kayun 50

Railway Station                      Jln Gubeng Raya

Bus Terminal                          Jln Darmokali

Internat. Telephone                 Jln Embong Malang

Tanjung Perak Harbour          Jln Tanjung Perak Timur

Tourist Office                         Jln Pemuda 118




Hotel Majapahit     Jalan Tunjungan 65

Bumi Hyatt     Jln Basuki Rakmat

Garden     Jln Pernuda

Mirama     Jln Raya Darmo

Tunjungan Plaza     Jln Tunjungan

Medium Priced

Damai    Jln Keputran

Olympic     Jln Keputran

Simpang     Jln Pemuda

Budget Priced


Bamboo Den     Jln Pemuda 19

Hotel Brantas     Jln Kayun 76

Hotel Carmen     Jln Pemunda 112

Wisma Ganesa     Jln Sumatra

Hotel Sentosa     Jln Embong Kenongo



Ayam Goreng Pemuda           Jln Pemuda (opp cinema)

Boncafe                                   Jln Raya Gubeng 44 (opp Station)

Depot 3                                   Jln Sudirman 4

Handayani Restaurant             Jln Kertajaya

Seafood Restaurant                 Jln Pemuda (next to Cinema)

There are many clean warung in front of the Gubeng Railway Station (17), that specialise in dishes such as soto Madura and nasi campur etc., that stay open until 2.00am.



Bus Routes Around Surabaya

North-South bus routes –

  1. a) Tanjung Perak – Joyoboyo bus terminal
  2. b) Jembatan Merah – Joyoboyo bus terminal


  • Buses operate via Jalan Undaan, Jalan Kayan and Jalan Darmokali.
  • To the Bamboo Den Youth Hostel from Joyoboyo bus terminal, catch a bus bound for Tanjung Perak or Jembatan Merah, and when you buy your ticket tell the conductor “Jalan Pemuda”.
  • For the Railway Station Gubeng alight at the corner of Jalan Kayun and Jalan Pemuda.

Leaving Surabaya by Train

To Jakarta

KA 41 Kereta Api Bima (Eksekutif) leaves 5 pm, arrives Gambir 6 am

KA 153 Kereta Api Gayabaru Malam (Ekonomi AC) leaves 12 Noon, arrives Senen and Kota 1.30 am

KA 55 Kereta Api Bangunkarta (Eksekutif) leaves 4 pm, arrives 5 am

To Bandung

KA 5 Kereta Api Argo Wilis (Eksekutif) leaves 7 am, arrives 7 pm

KA 49 Kereta Api Turangga (Eksekutif leaves 4.30 pm, arrives 5 am

KA 111/114 Kereta Api Mutiara Selatan (Bisnis) leaves 7 pm, arrives 8.30 am

To Yogyakarta

KA 83 Kereta Api Sancaka (Eksekutif & Bisnis leaves 7.30 am, arrives 1 pm

KA 85 Kereta Api Sancaka (Eksekutif & Bisnis leaves 5.30 pm, arrives 10.30 pm