Sanur Travel Guide

Sanur Travel Guide covers Sanur Beach, which is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday, though in more luxurious surroundings than Kuta, and not as hectic.  Sanur Travel Guide. Sanur is ideal for water-sports, as most hotels offer windsurfers, snorkeling, scuba diving, water scooters and water skiing. Other facilities include a golf course, tennis courts, gymnasiums, badminton, spas and sauna. Most hotels have a pool if you just want to laze around, unwind and sip a cool drink.

Sanur has two main roads that follow the contour of the beachfront from north to south. Jalan Danau Tamblingan which is around two kilometres long is the closest to the beach, and most of the hotels and bungalows are between located between this road and the beach. Parallel to this is Jalan By-Pass Ngurah Rai which runs south to Kuta, Nusa Dua and the airport, and northwards it joins the east coast highway.Sanur itself is made up of the three original villages – Sindhu at the northern end, Batu Jimbar in the centre, and Semawang at the southern end.



Post Office                  Jln Segara, Sindhu

Postal Agent               Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Postal Agent               Jln Cemara, Semawang

Intern. Phone              Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu

Tourist Information


Polsek Denpasar Selatan

Jalan By-Pass Ngurah Rai No. 77

Tel. +62 361 288 597 (open 24 hr)


BIMC Hospital

Jln Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 100X

(cnr Jln Sunset, at the Simpang Siur roundabout and underpass)

Tel. 361. 761 263

Siloam Hospital

Jln Sunset No. 818, Kuta

Tel. 361 779 900

International SOS Bali Clinic

Jln Bypass Ngurah Rai No.505X

(on Sanur side of Simpang Siur roundabout and underpass)

Tel. 361. 710505

SOS Clinic

Jln Raya Uluwatu, Nusa Dua

Tel. 361. 703 377


911 Dental

Jln Bypass Ngurah Rai, Kuta

(near BIMC Siloam Hospital)


Doctor at Bali Beach Hotel,       Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu

Doctor Alex                           Jln Danau Tamblingan. Batu Jimbar

Pharmacy/Chemist/ Apotik    Jln By-pass, Sindhu

Pharmacy/Chemist/ Apotik    Jln Segara, Sindhu

Tours & Travel

Airline Offices            Bali Beach Hotel. Jln Sanur Raya Sindhu

Pacto                           Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Murni Travel               Jln Danau Tamblingan Batu

Freight Forwarders

Karya Freight           Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Prima Freight          Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar



Bali Beach Hotel         Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu

Sanur Beach Hotel      Jln Cemara, Semawang

Tanjung Sari              Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Medium Priced

Alits                            Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu

Besakih                       Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Dwi Wangkara            Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu

La Taverna                  Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Mars Hotel                  Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu

Peneeda View             Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Respati Bungalows     Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu

Sanur Village Hotel    Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu

Santrian Cottages        Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Santrian Bungalow     Jln Cemara, Semawang

Segara Beach Hotel    Jln Segara, Sindhu

Sindhu Beach Hotel.   Jln Pantai Sindhu, Sindhu

Moderately Priced

Agung                         Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu

Baruna Beach Inn       Jln Pantai Sindhu, Sindhu

Gazebo                        Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Hotel Taman Agung   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Irama Cottages            Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Hotel Rani                   Jln Segara, Sindhu

Kusuma Sari Hotel     Jln Kusuma Sari, Semawang

Queen Bali Hotel        Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu

Ramayana                   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Swastika Bungalows Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Sanur Indah                Jln Segara, Sindhu

Tourist Beach Inn       Jln Segara, Sindhu


Note: B/R denotes Bar/Restaurant

Alita Restaurant        Jln Cemara, Semawang
Arena Restaurant     Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar
Bali Moon B/R          Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu
Balita B/R                   Jln Cemara, Semawang
Bhinneka Rest.         Jln Segara, Sindhu
Blue Diamond B/R  Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar
Busuma Sari B/R     Jln Cemara, Semawang
Carlo B/R                  Jln Pantai Sindhu, Sindhu
Baley’s Sports Bar   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu
Kali Patharu Rest.   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu
Karya Italian B/R   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Koke Restaurant      Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar
Kul Kul Rest.            Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar
Kuri Putih Rest.      Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu

Busuma Sari B/R  Jln Cemara, Semawang
Legong Rest.           Jln Semawang, Semawang
Lenny Rest.            Jln Segara, Sindhu
Le Pirate Pizzeria   Jln Segara, Sindhu
Mitra B/R              Jln Danau Tamblingan, sindhu
Mesa Pub               Jln Semawang, Semawang
Norman’s B/R       Jln Cemara,Semawang
New Korea Rest.   Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu
Oasis Restaurant   Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu
Raouls & Dragon Rest.   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu
Ratu Pizzeria     Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar
Rumah Makan Sadarasa   Jln Semawang, Semawang
Roda Mas Padang   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu
Ronny’s Pub & Rest. Jln Semawang, Semawang
Sanur Pub        Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu
Sindhu Corner B/R   Jln Taniung Sari, Sindhu
Subec Restaurant   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar
Sue Restaurant   Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu
Swastika 1 B/R   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu
Swiss Restaurant   Jln Segara, Sindhu
Telaga Mas (Chinese) Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar
Terrazzi Martini   Jln Kusumasari, Semawang
Warung Jawa Barat   Jln Cemara, Semawang
White Sands Tavern   Jln Semawang, Semawang
White Sands II   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu
Yu Yu Restaurant   Jln Cemara, Semawang (Santrian Hotel)



By Bemo

The local cream-coloured bemo service runs to Kereneng Terminal in Denpasar along Jalan Sanur Raya. The cream and red bemo runs to Renon, Sanglah and Panjer. The terminal is at the southern end of Sanur/Sewawang near the Sanur Beach Hotel. The fare is Rp 8,000 – 10,000.

You can also use the green bemo to travel around Sanur along Jalan Tamblingan, Jalan Cemara and Jalan Danau Poso. The fare is Rp 5,000 per person for any distance.

Renting a Car in Bali

There are several good car-hire companies in Bali. The terms are much the same as in other countries, with insurance usually included for the care rented, but not other vehicles if you are involved in an accident. So paying for additional insurance is advisable. An International Driver’s Licence is required, or you can apply for a Tourist Driver’s Licence in Bali.

Daily rates start at around US$50 per day without driver, up to US$70 per day with driver, depending on the type of vehicle.

There are many reasons for renting a car with driver: You will not be personally liable if there is an accident, you don’t need to worry about parking, you won’t get lost, you can leave the car safely if you go sight-seeing. Pretty much hassle-free for an extra $20 per day. If you read the Rules of the Road below you will have a better idea of what I mean.

The better-known hire companies include (Avis, Europcar & Trac/Toyota), Bali Car Rental, Bali Car Hire, Auto Bali Car Rental, Best Bali Car Rental CV and Bali4ride.

Local car hire companies are Bali Setia Motor – Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu; Sanur Car Rental – Jln Cemara, Semawang; Wirasana – Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar.

The easiest way is to book online and pick up the car at the airport, or have the car delivered to your hotel in the southern beaches area.

Petrol/ Pertamina   Jln By-pass, Sindhu
Petrol/ Pertamina   Jln Danau Tamblingan, Semawang



(from terminal near Sanur Beach Hotel)
to Bali Beach Hotel 2km
to Denpasar 8km
to Renon 7km
to Kuta 13km
to Nusa Dua 25km
to Ubud 25km

Sanur Travel Guide


A good place to buy handicrafts and souvenirs is at the market near the Sanur Beach Hotel at the southern end of Sanur. The shops and boutiques in many of the hotels tend to be over-priced, though the quality is usually good. Walk to the market, or take any bemo heading south along Jalan Danau Tamblingan. There are also stalls near the Bali Beach Hotel cottages at the end of Jalan Segara.

The best supermarket in Sanur is Hardy’s at Jalan Tamblingan No. 136, which is in the central section, Batu Jimbar. Inside is a Periplus Bookshop.

General Stores

ABC                            Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu

Bagus                          Jln Semawang,/Dayung, Semawang

Corner                         Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu

Padmi                          Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu

Patra                            Jln Cemara, Semawang

Tina                             Jln Semawang, Semawang

Wirasana                     Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar


Bali High                    Jln Semawang, Semawang

Bali Selma Collections  Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Candra Melati             Jln Cemara, Semawang

Hanging Tree Leather  Jln Semawang, Semawang

Hello Bali Hello          Jln Pantai Sindhu, Sindhu

Nogo                           Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Strawberry                  Jln Semawang, Semawang


Central Silver              Jln Cemara, Semawang

Kangguru Mas            Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Queen Silver               Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar


Coco                            Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu

Ria                               Jln Danau Tamblingan, Sindhu

Windana                      Jln Cemara, Semawang


A-Z Curios                  Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar

Gabrig Gallery            Jln Cemara, Semawang

Pandy Art Gallery       Jln Danau Tamblingan, Batu Jimbar



There are several scuba diving companies with offices in Sanur. One of the longest established is Bali Surya PADI Dive Center on Jalan Duyung, which runs between Jalan Danau Tamblingan and the beach in the central Batu Jimbar area. Other dive companies include: Bali Scuba Dive, Bali Diving, Neptune Diving Bali, Crystal Divers, All 4 Diving, Atlantis Bali Diving and Joes Gone Diving. Visit their respective websites for details.

For a list of the main diving sites in Bali, read the Scuba Diving section near the front of this website.


Pura Belajong              Jln Belajong, Semawang

Pura Giri Kusuma       Jln Kusuma Sari, Semawang

Pura Dalem                 Jln Sanur Raya, Sindhu

Pura Dalem                 Jln Sanur Raya, Tanjung Bungkak (dance venue daily)

Pura Segara                 Jln Segara, Sindhu