Bali’s Best Dive Sites

One doesn’t have to be interested in temples and markets to fully enjoy your stay in Bali or Java. Ball-sports such as golf, tennis and squash are well catered for. But it is for its water sports that Bali is legendary. Coral reefs abound and there are very reliable scuba diving companies which are PAD1 registered. At Sanur and Nusa Dua most accommodation have sailboards/windsurfers as well as jet-skis and catamarans. … Read More Bali’s Best Dive Sites

Indonesian Transportation Getting Around

Travelling across Bali and Java can be exciting but tiring; a hair-raising ride along mountain roads or a relaxing becak ride with the wind in your face, modern jet aircraft or a Javanese horse-and-buggy. Many adventures lie before you if you travel by local vehicles, or nice and easy if you choose taxi or tour-bus. One of the attractions of Indonesia is that it caters for all needs. Common modes of transportation in Indonesia are:… Read More Indonesian Transportation Getting Around

Driving in Indonesia

This is perhaps the most important page in the whole book. Your life may depend on it! If others before you had read it they probably would not have gone home in a coffin. Please pay great attention to these Indonesian (and Asian in general) Rules of the Road. If you have second thoughts after reading this, then DO NOT hire a motor bike. Many visitors are killed every year on motor bikes !… Read More Driving in Indonesia