Bali’s Best Dive Sites

One doesn’t have to be interested in temples and markets to fully enjoy your stay in Bali or Java. Ball-sports such as golf, tennis and squash are well catered for. But it is for its water sports that Bali is legendary. Coral reefs abound and there are very reliable scuba diving companies which are PAD1 registered. At Sanur and Nusa Dua most accommodation have sailboards/windsurfers as well as jet-skis and catamarans. … Read More Bali’s Best Dive Sites

Indonesian Transportation Getting Around

Travelling across Bali and Java can be exciting but tiring; a hair-raising ride along mountain roads or a relaxing becak ride with the wind in your face, modern jet aircraft or a Javanese horse-and-buggy. Many adventures lie before you if you travel by local vehicles, or nice and easy if you choose taxi or tour-bus. One of the attractions of Indonesia is that it caters for all needs. Common modes of transportation in Indonesia are:… Read More Indonesian Transportation Getting Around

History of Java Island

Evidence of human settlement in Java dates back 35,000 years. On the banks of the Solo River, near the town of Trinul were unearthed part of the skeletal remains of Java Man, scientifically known as Pithecanthropus Erectus (upright ape-man). Wajak Man, who was discovered on the south coast of Java near Blitar. is the earliest known example of homosapiens. the human race.… Read More History of Java Island

Transportation and Getting Around Kuta Legian

Bemo/Mini-bus from Kuta to Denpasar Ten-seater mini-buses, coloured navy-blue, run from Legian to Kuta and on to Tegal Terminal at Denpasar. Smaller bemo operate only between Kuta and Legian, and you can change to a navy-blue one on Jalan Kuta Raya to Denpasar. These operate regularly until early evening.   KURA-KURA SHUTTLE BUS The following… Read More Transportation and Getting Around Kuta Legian

Things To Do In Kuta Legian

Bars, Discos and Pubs  Kuta Bagus Pub                   Jln Buni Sari Bali Sand Bar              Jln Legian Casablanca                  Jln Buni Sari Pub 41                         Jln Buni Sari The Pub                       Jln Buni Sari Bar/ Restaurant Andy’s Bar                  Jln Bakung Sari Bona ‘s                         Jln Pantai Kuta Daya I                         Jln Bakung Sari Geoffrey’s      … Read More Things To Do In Kuta Legian

Nusa Dua Travel Guide

Nusa Dua is the place to stay if you want a relaxing holiday in Western luxury, laxing around by the pool, on the beach or enjoying water sports. Most future luxury tourist facilities will be at Nusa Dua, which currently has five hotels and more planned. Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, possibly the best hotel in Bali and Hotel Bualu opened in 1983, and the others followed soon after. … Read More Nusa Dua Travel Guide

Denpasar Travel Guide

Denpasar, the largest town in Bali and its capital, is a twenty minute drive from both Kuta and Sanur by car or mini-bus. Jalan Gagah Mada is the main street where the banks, tourist information office and the main market are situated. Some of the Government services, such as the G.P.O. and Immigration have moved to the new Civic Centre at Renon.… Read More Denpasar Travel Guide

Ubud Travel Guide

Ubud is the first stop for most people who move away from Kuta or Sanur, and is the only place in Bali where there is a wide variety of accommodation not on a beach. Walking amongst the ricefields you catch a glimpse of Balinese life as it really is, not the hybrid version that has been created in the south of the island.… Read More Ubud Travel Guide

East Bali Travel Guide

The south-eastern coast of Bali is the cradle of a civilisation that blossomed after the Majapahit Kingdom fled from Java in the 14th Century. Klung-kung was the seat of the first and still premier royal family in Bali. The other royal families are said to have been members of the king’s family who moved away from Klungkung to set up in their own right. In later centuries they waged war with each other.… Read More East Bali Travel Guide

Candidasa Travel Guide

Candi Dasa is named after a temple overlooking the tidal lagoon, 13km from Karangasem and 67km from Denpasar. Candi Dasa is in a very pretty setting. The main street is shaded by overhanging Kapok and coconut trees, and most of the accommodation is set amongst coconut plantations, so the whole area is cool and breezy. The view from the beach sweeps from Nusa Penida island to the inlet of Padangbai with a lighthouse on the head­land. On the landward side, there are rolling hills which are difficult to climb, but offer fantastic views once you get to the top.… Read More Candidasa Travel Guide

Lovina and North Bali Travel Guide

Lovina Beach, on the north coast of Bali, is actually a number of beaches and villages spread out along 8km of coastline to the west of Singaraja. Lovina proper, which is at Kalibukbuk village, is llkm from Singaraja and offers a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and other facilities. The other grouping of places to stay and eat is centred on Anturan village at the 8km post. The first place out of Singaraja, Baruna Cottages, is only 3-4km from Banyuasri Bus Terminal and petrol station.… Read More Lovina and North Bali Travel Guide

Bali to Jakarta by Bus

The route to Java with the most to offer is probably via Malang, a large town set in the highlands of East Java. This area was the last centre of Javanese Hinduism and the surrounding countryside is dotted with Hindu temples dedicated to Siva. With the spread of Islam through Java, the Hindu kings fled to Bali with their courts. This layering of one religion on another has led to the local adaptation and syncretism that makes Javanese culture so interesting.… Read More Bali to Jakarta by Bus

Malang Travel Guide

A large town in the highlands of East Java, with a cool climate and friendly people, Malang is a convenient staging point for climbing Mount Bromo or Mount Sumeru. Bromo is 100km away to the north­east, and Sumeru can be seen from town in the dry season. 20km away near the south coast is the Karangkates Dam on the Brantas River.… Read More Malang Travel Guide

Surabaya Travel Guide

Whilst the most picturesque route to Java from Bali is via Malang, if a daytime stop-over in Surabaya is necessary, be sure to visit the best zoo in Indonesia. Conveniently situated opposite the Joyoboyo bus sta­tion at the southern end of town, the zoo has a seem­ingly endless array of birds, an island community of monkeys and other apes, an old Komodo Dragon and an even older looking Garuda eagle. Apart from the zoo, there is not much else of interest in Surabaya.… Read More Surabaya Travel Guide

Yogyakarta Travel Guide

Yogyakarta, the traditional seat of the Mataram Empire which built the temples around Borobudur and Prambanan, and later the last stronghold of the Revolution, is still considered by many to be the cultural heart of Indonesia. The performing arts of traditional dance, the puppet play and the gamelan orchestra have evolved over the centuries at the palaces of Yogya and Solo. Especially formative were the years of Dutch intervention when the traditional rulers were deprived of absolute power and so had more time to cultivate and develop the performing arts and batik design. There is enough in and around Yogya to keep you there for at least a week, including trips to the various temples, Parangtritis Beach and the Dieng Plateau.… Read More Yogyakarta Travel Guide

Jakarta Travel Guide

This Jakarta Travel Guide leads you along the tree-lined streets of Menteng and Kebayoran Baru, and past the shanties along the many rivers that run from the southern mountains through Jakarta into Jakarta Bay; traditional markets and modern shopping malls; street-side food vendors and western fast-food.Greater Jakarta is now the second largest city in the… Read More Jakarta Travel Guide

Indonesian Phrases for Travellers

INDONESIAN PHRASES FOR TRAVELLERS Lots of helpful Indonesian phrases make this a quick and interesting way of learning Bahasa Indonesia.  Written for travelers and  expatriates. It consists of twenty-one dialogues based on typical situations in Indonesia,   plus  useful Indonesian Grammar   and lists of common words grouped for easy reference. Use of a dictionary is recommended.… Read More Indonesian Phrases for Travellers