Transportation and Getting Around Candidasa

Bug Bug on the road to Karangasem

Bemo from Denpasar to Candidasa & Amlapura

Buses to the east coast leave from the Kereneng Bus Station in Denpasar. Ask for the bus or bemo going to Amlapura or Klungkung. The old name for Amlapura town was Karangasem, but it was changed after the eruption of Mt Agung which destroyed half the town. Karangasem is still used as the name of the local government area. At Klungkung you will change to another bemo to Amlapura. Candidasa is 13km before Amlapura. The bus that leaves every hour is cheaper than the bemo, but it takes longer as it stops to pick up produce on the way.

However, it is certainly more interesting, especially on market day when goods and animals are piled high on the roof and in the aisles.

To get to Kereneng Terminal from Kuta or Nusa Dua catch a bemo to Tegal Terminal in Denpasar. Then catch a 3-wheel suburban to Kereneng. From Sanur there are bemos direct to Kereneng.

Getting to Candidasa from Kuta

From Kuta or other southern beaches, take a bemo via Tegal or Kereneng to Batubulan Terminal on the northern side of Denpasar. From there a bus or bemo takes about 1-1.5 hours if direct. From the airport takes 1.5 – 2 hours, and up to an hour longer in morning and afternoon peak hours.

Candidasa Transport Groups

Candidasa Taxi      Jln Raya Candidasa near Teganan Turnoff, opposite Pertamina
Gotya Transport Services      Jln Raya Candidasa (opposite the Teganan Turn-off)
Gotya charges around Rp 400,000 for a one-way trip to Kuta
Perama Tour      Jln Raya Candidasa Central, down laneway between Candi Dasa Beach Hotel and Puri Pandan Bungalows.

Bemo from Candidasa to Amlapura

Wait for the local bemo or bus at the Tourist Information Office on Jln Raya Candidasa Central.

Amlapura Bemo Terminal

The Amlapura Bemo Terminal is on Jalan Kesatrian, opposite the Amlapura market.

For a bemo to Kuta or Denpasar –  take the bemo to Batubulan, then change to Tegal.
For bemo to Amed, Tulamben, Singaraja or Lovina – take the bemo to Singaraja.
For bemo to Candidasa, – take the bemo to Padangbai, Klungkung or Semarapura.
For bemo to Tirtagangga –  take the bemo to Culik.

On the way from Candidasa to Amlapura, near the village of Bug Bug, the road passes a small temple, Pura Gamang (Dizzy), which is on the side of the main road overlooking the coast. Most bemo and buses stop here for a moment while the driver or offsider runs over to the shrine and leaves an offering for a safe drive through the winding bends

Amlapura Market      Jln Kesatrian, Amlapura (opposite Bemo Terminal)

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