Transportation and Getting Around Denpasar

Denpasar is a small but busy town. Public transport is by a three or four mini-bus called a “bemo”, which follows set routes in a clockwise direction around town. Most routes pass through Tegal Terminal on the Kuta/ Airport/Nusa Dua side of town, and Kereneng Terminal on the Sanur side of town. Some, but not all, go along Jalan Gajah Mada which is the shortest route between these two terminals.

Buses heading west to Java and Tabanan leave from Ubung Terminal. Buses and mini-­buses to other destinations in Bali leave from the Kereneng Terminal (central bus station).

There is a direct bemo service from Nusa Dua and Kuta to Tegal Terminal. From Sanur there are services to Kereneng Terminal or Sanglah via Renon. To get to Jalan Gajah Mada from Tegal or Kereneng Terminals catch a 3 or 4 wheeler going to “Gajah Mada”.


How to get to the following from Jalan Gajah Mada :

  1. P.O – to Sanglah or Panjer via Jln Sudirman ; alight at Jln Puputan Raya then walk or “ojek” on a motorbike taxi.
  2. Immigration – as above, then first street on left.
  3. P.O. Kereneng — to Kereneng, then walk.
  4. International Phone — to Kereneng via Jln Veteran, alight at Jln Kedondong.
  5. Airline Offices — to Kereneng via Jln Patimura. alight at Jln Melati.
  6. Hospital — to Sanglah, alight at terminal.
  7. S.T.I. Dance — to Tohpati via Jln Supratman, alight at Jln Ratna.




1.     Tegal-Kuta-Legian-Tuban-Buala

2.     Tegal-Kuta-Pecatu

3.     Kereneng-Sanur

4.     Sanur-Renon-Sanglah

5.     Sanur-Renon-Panjer

6.     Suci-Sanglah

7.     Suci-Kampus-Panjer

8.     Kereneng-Penatih-Topati

9.     Kereneng-Tonjo-Nonongan-Topati

                     Bus Colur                    VIA

1.Navy Blue                   Jln Imam Bonjol

2.Blue/White                 Uluwatu, airport

3.Green                          Jln Sanur Raya,                                                  Tanjungbungkak

4.Cream                       GPO & Imming.

5.Cream/red                  as above

6.Grey                           Jln Diponegoro

7.Grey                            Jln Sudirman

8.Yellow/blue              ASTI Dance Academy

9.Red/Yellow               Swimming Pool

Bemo and Mini-Bus Terminals Denpasar






Jln Kamboja

Jln Imam Bonjol

Jln Cokroaminoto

Jln Hassanudin

Jln Diponegoro