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Front Entrance to Kraton Solo

Surakarta Travel Guide covers the city, also known as Solo, that surrounds the Kra­ton Surakarta Hadiningrat, retains much of the feel of old Java. Within the brick walls of the greater Kraton (palace) there now live more commoners than blue-blood, and some of the buildings have been taken over by the government to be used as schools.

Because fewer Westerners go there, Solo is pro­bably a better place to buy batik than Jogja. Brows­ing is more relaxed, though at the larger markets things can get a bit hectic. Pasar Klewer, which is at the western entrance to the Alun-alun, is one of the largest batik markets in Indonesia.

To get to Pasar Gede go out of the front (north) gate of the Alun-alun and continue straight ahead past the Post Office until you come to a bridge on the right. Cross the bridge and the market is opposite. Behind the market stretches the old Chinese quarter.

Kraton Surakarta Hadinigrat

Kraton Surakarta Hadinigrat is a palace which rivals the palace of Jogja in size and splendor. It was built in 1745 by Susunan Pakubuwana II following the fall of the old kraton at Kartasura to rebels in 1743. The rebels managed to hold the kraton for over one year until they were overthrown with the help of the Dutch.
The large wooden doors near the high white tow­er open into a private world that goes back thirteen generations. A gamelan adjoins the waiting area, so those who are acquainted are permitted to join the family when they play. Set upon a raised tile floor, the rhythms of the gamelan ring through the pillars and out into the night.

The history of this period is one full of rebellions by wayward princes, and the eventual division of the Greater Prambanan Plain into two large kingdoms. Later, two smaller fiefdoms were ceded to relatives of the rulers in order to quell the continual warfare that had taken such a heavy toll on Javanese society. This division made the job of the Dutch much easier. Their initial aim was purely trade, but they gradually became deeply involved in court intrigue.

Here is a link to an article in the Jakarta Post newspaper on the Sekaten celebrations


Solo has come a long way in the past 200 years, while some parts of town take one back as though in a time-machine. The young of Solo are a sign of its modernity, the lanes through the town and Kraton the key to its past. Solo is best explored on foot or by becak, giving one a chance to see and feel the pace of life in what is perhaps the most relaxed town in Indonesia. Without the over-exposure of nearby Jogja, the atmosphere of Solo soothes the mind. Ar­tisticly, Solo has as much to offer as Jogja, but you have to dig a little deeper to find it. Commercialism in its worst forms hasn’t yet come to Solo. Let us hope it never does.

visit also:


Post Office     Jln Sudirman

Bank BNI     Jln Slamet Riyadi No. 348

Bank Mandiri    Jln Slamet Riyadi No. 329

Police     Polresta Jln Adi Sucipto No. 2


RS Dr. Oen Surakarta     Jln Katamso No 55.  Tel:    +62 271 643 139

RS Kasih Ibu Surakarta      Jln Slamet Riyadi No. 404 .  Tel:            +62 27 171 4422

RS Panti Waluyo     Jln A. Yani No.1-2 .  Tel:           +62 271 712 077


Garuda Indonesia     Jln Veteran No. 242

Lion Air     Adi Sumarno Int. Airport

Bus Terminal Tirtonadi      Jln Ahmed Yani (near corner Jln S Parman)

Tourist Information     inside Sriwedari Park, Jln Slamet Riyadi

Pasar Legi      Jln S Parman



Medium Priced

Kusuma Sahid Hotel     Jln Asrama 22

Mangkunegaran Palace Hotel     Jln Ronggowasito

Budget Priced

The Westerners Jln Kamlayan Kidul (off Jln Yos Sudarso,

Hotel Keprambon     Jln A. Dahlan

Hotel Sentral     Jln A. Dahlan

NOTE : There are numerous other small losmen in the Keprambon area bounded by Jln A. Dahlan, Jln Ronggowasito and Jln Imam Bonjol.



Ayam Goreng Matukoro     5km out of town past Sriwedari (fried chicken)

Rumah Makan Setia     Jln S. Riyadi 86 (Padang)

Rumah Makan Intan     Jln S. Riyadi 160 (Padang)

Toko Kue      Jln S. Riyadi 76 (cakes)

Solo Juice Bar      Jln A. Dahlan

(Indonesian & fresh juice)

There are a variety of restaurants serving Indonesia, Chinese and fresh fruit in Jln Diponegoro near Pasar Triwindu.

 Evenings Only

Sate Stalls     Jln Yos Sudarso

Gudeg Pak Harto     Jln A. Dahlan (open 5pm – 2am)

Gudeg     Jln Slamet Riyadi  (opp Hotel Kota)

Susu Segar (hot milk)     Jln Teuku Umur

Gudeg/Liwet     Jln Teuku Umur

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