Things To Do In Surakarta

Shopping at Pasar Klewer

Pasar Klewer market is one of the largest batik markets in Indonesia. After it was destroyed by fire in 2014 a temporary market was set up on Alun-Alun Utara, the royal field on the northern side of the Kraton. In 2019 Pasar Klewer reopened in its original location on Jalan Coyudan.

Traditional Markets in Surakarta

Pasar Gede    Jln Urip Sumoharjo – General Merchandise

Pasar Klewer     Jln Coyudan – Wholesale and Retail Batik

Pasar Singosaren     Cnr Jln Singosaren & Jln Gatot Subroto – Caneware, Ceramics and Flowers

Pasar Triwindu      Jln Diponegoro – Antiquities

Pasar Winduran     Jln Tambaksegaran – Bird Market

Pasar Legi     Jln Pasar Legi – General Merchandise


Antiquities and Souvenirs in Solo

Pasar Triwindu     Jln Diponegoro

Art Shop     Jln Urip Sumoharjo (near Agung Express Office)

Bali Art Shop     Jln Slamet Riyadi (inside Sriwedari Complex)

Brassware Pak Suliman     Jln Dr. Wahidin 4

Parto Art Shop     Jln Slamet Riyadi (opp Hotel Kota)

Traditional Dance Costumes      Jln Hayam Wuruk (opposite Batik Srimpi)

Clothes & Materials    Jln Singosaren

Batik in Solo

Batik Danar Hadi    Jln Slamet Riyadi 191

Batik Danar Hadi     Jln Rajiman 8

Batik Keris     Jln Yos Sudarso 37

Batik Semar    Jln Pasar Nongko 132

Batik Semar     Jln Slamet Riyadi 76

Batik Srimpi     Jln Hayam Wuruk 15

Javanese Arts in Surakarta

Dance and Drama     at Sasono Mulyo inside Kraton – afternoon practice

Dance and Drama     at Sasono Hinggil / Pagelaran

Wayang Orang Dance Drama     at Sriwedari Theatre

Wayang Orang Dance Drama     at RRI opposite Railway Station

Wayang Kulit     at RRI opposite Railway Station

Wayang Kulit     at Padoepokan Ki Anom Suroto – Jln Notodiningratan 100

Karawitan/Gamelan     at SMKI Jln Tambaksegaran

Gamelan & Traditional Dance     at Pura Mangkunegaran


Kraton Hadiningrat

Istana Mangkunegaran

Pasar Gede

Pasar Triwindu

Radyapustaka Museum


Inside Kraton Solo

Inside Kraton Solo

Museum and Art Gallery

Dendopo Dalam (Inner Sanctum)

Pasar Klewer (Batik Market)

Aski – Gamelan & Tari (Dance School)

Sasono Mulyo (Dance School)

Sekolah Kesatrian

Keputrien (Princesses Quarters)

Sasono Putro (Princes Quarters)


Sitihinggil Lor


For places to visit in Central Java near Yogyakarta including Candi Borobudur, Candi Prambanan the Dieng Plateau.and south coast beaches, go to :


Semarang, on the north coast of Java mid-way between Jakarta and Surabaya, is the largest city, major port, provincial capital and business centre of Central Java.
There are several Dutch colonial buildings left from the time when Semarang was the centre of Dutch activity in the region. There is a vibrant local Chinese community centred on Gang Pinggir near the city centre.

Semarang Old Town has been proposed for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The four areas — Kampung Kauman, Kampung Melayu, Chinese Village and Old Town (Oudestad) — represent the historical period of the development of the Central Java provincial capital, which goes back to the ninth century.


Salatiga is a pleasant town in the highlands on the road between Solo and Semarang, at the foot of Mt Merbabu. In town is the Satya Wacana Christian University, which runs Bahasa Indonesia programs each year in association with universities from Australia.


The official government tourism office is:

Surakarta Tourism Office   275 Brigjen Slamet Riyadi Street, Surakarta.

Tel: +62 271 711435

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