Bandung Travel Guide

Bandung Travel Guide covers Bandung, a large city set on a plateau 180 km south of Jakarta. The cool nights of Bandung are a welcome change after the lowlands. Being 800 metres above sea level, as soon as the sun sets the temperature drops pleasantly. At Lembang, which is situated in the hills 18 km to the north, the temperature change is even more pronounced.Bandung as a city is growing fast, and the urban spread is having a marked effect on the environment. Many of the trees that lined the boulevardes have been removed to make way for increased traffic flow. This and industrial pollution have marred the beauty of a city that was once called the Paris of Java.

As well as being the administrative capital of the Sundanese people, Bandung is also the traditional cultural and artistic centre of a highland race which is often considered peripheral to Central Java. However, this viewpoint overlooks the existence of the ancient kingdom of Pajajaran, which has its court near present day Bogor, and dates from the Hindu period of Indonesia’s past.

Most of the budget accommodation is in the vicinity of the railway station, on both sides of the railway line. Be extra careful crossing the footbridge at night, as  robberies are common.

The government Tourist Informasi  Centre is located at  Jalan Stasiun Timur, and the Pusat Informasi Pariwisata is located at Jalan Alun Alun No.2, on the central square.

Visit also:


General Post Office      Jln Asia Africa
Bank BNI 1946             Jln Asia Africa
International Telephone   Jln Lembong
Hospital                        Jln Kebon Jati



Medium Priced

Hotel Naripan                Jln Naripan
Savoy Hoffman Hotel   Jln Asia Africa
Hotel Preanger Cnr      Jn Lembong


Penginapan Surabaya    Jln Kebon Jati 71-73
Hotel Melati                    Jln Kebon Jati
Penginapan Sakadarna   Jln Kebon Jati Dalam (behind Hotel Melati)
Penginapan Saudara      Jln Kebon Jati Dalan (behind Hotel Melati)
Hotel Kota Kembang     Jln Otto Iskandardinata 22
Hotel Setia                      Jln Otto Iskandardinata 21
Hotel Malabar               Jln Kebon Jukut
Hotel Soetie                    Jln Sumatra corner Jln Martadinata
Corner Hotel                   Jln Wastukencana 8
Grand Hotel                   Jln Merdeka, Lembang



Indonesian                     Jln Otto Iskandardinata, next to Hotel Sahara
Indonesian                    Jln Kebon Jati (southern entrance to Railway Station)
Indonesian                    Central Market, corner Jln Kebon Jati and Jln Otto Iskandardinata
Chinese                         Cnr Jln Pasar Kaliki and Jln Kebon Kawung


Several along Jln Braga
Restaurant Sakadarna      Jln Kebon Jati

Beverages: Don’t miss ‘ ‘bandrek’, a warm ginger/chilli drink that will warm you up on cool Bandung nights!