Transportation and Getting Around Yogyakarta

Jogja is situated near the south coast of Central Java about halfway between Bali and Jakarta. One hour by plane or 14-18 hours by overnight express bus to either destination.

Around Jogja by Becak

One way to travel around town, shopping and seeing the sights such as the Kraton and Water Castle, is by ‘becak’, (pronounced bet-char) the 3-wheel pedal-taxi (and now also motorized). Be sure to agree to a price before sitting down ! Some becak drivers are offering hourly prices, waiting for you while you eat, shop or sightsee.

Becak prices vary with up or downhill and whether one or two passengers. Two adults do not fit.

The becak price from Jalan Prawirotaman to Malioboro Mall, via Jalan Katamso, and then left into Jalan Perwakilan should be around Rp 25,000.

From Jalan Prawirotaman to the Kraton should be around Rp 20,000.

From Jalan Prawirotaman to Jogjatronic Mall should be Rp 15,000.

Because there is a downward slope in the reverse direction, you may be able to push for a lower price. ( But why bother – Rp 5,000 / 50cents makes a big difference to the becak driver).

Jogja to Borobudur by Taxi

The easiest and quickest way to Candi Borobudur from Jogja is by taxi. The one-way fare is around Rp 350,000.

Most drivers will not want to wait for you for 2-3 hours. There are public buses that cater  to local tourists, but you will waste half the day doing it that way.

Leaving Jogja By Bus

Giwangan Bus Terminal

Giwangan is the main bus station for buses going to Jakarta (12 hr), Bandung (10hr) and Surabaya (8hr). Giwangan is located 4km to the southeast of the centre of Jogja, on the corner of Jalan Imogiri and South Outer Ring Round (or Jalan Nasional 3).  Telephone: +62 274 378288, +62 274 7482222 (fax: +62 274 7483333)

From Jogja to Jakarta by Bus

From Giwangan Terminal, direct over-night express buses from Jogja to Jakarta leave at around 6pm and arrive at Pulo Gabung (or Pulo Mas) Terminal in Jakarta at around 3am (8hr). Fares range from Rp 200,000 to 255,000 , depending on the level of comfort.

Bus companies include Rejeki Baru, Putra Remaja, Maju Lancar, Santoso and Handoyo.  Book tickets from a travel agent or at the terminal.

Tickets to Bandung range from Rp 100,000 to Rp 180,000 .

 From Jogja to Bali by Bus

From Giwangan Terminal, many of the overnight buses to Bali and Malang go via Surabaya, which makes it a rather long trip. The direct trip from Jogja to Mengwi or Ubung Terminal in Bali takes around 17 hours, leaving around 3pm and arriving around 8am. Try to get a seat near the front – less bumpy and away from the toilet at the rear.

Buses depart Giwangan terminal at 7pm and arrive at Surabaya Bungur Asih Terminal at 4am (all intercity buses from Yogya arrive at Bungur Asih in Surabaya.

Tickets to Surabaya range from Rp 105,000 to 150,000.

Tickets to Malang range from Rp 120,000 to 180,000.

Tickets to Bali range from Rp 270,000 to 300,000.

Bus companies include Safari Dharma Raya, Mira, Eka, Lorena, Kartika Travel, Bali Indah, Puspa Sari, Panorama Travel, Agung Express, Bhayangkara, Rajawali Travel. Most have similar departure and arrival times. There are travel agents on Jalan Sosrowijayan and Jalan Prawirotaman.

 Jombor Bus Terminal

Jombor Bus Terminal is located on the northern side of the Jogja Ring Road North, on Jalan Magelang Km 5.4. Buses to Semarang, Solo and Borobudur leave from here. Fare to Borobudur is around Rp 20,000.

 Jogja Bus Terminal

There is also a bus station inside the airport which is part of the Trans Jogja Busway System. From there you can get to any one of the many bus stations in their system. It costs IDR3,000 for a ticket.

Joglosemar Shuttle Bus

Joglosemar (Jogja-Solo-Semarang) is a shuttle-bus system that connects the three Central Java cities of Jogja, Solo and Semarang.

The one-way fare is Rp25,000 to Solo and Rp45,000 to Semarang.

Telephone: +62 274 623 700

Day Trans, Purawisata, Jln. Brigjen Katamso, Tel +62 274 385 9900 . Rp 50,000 to (Semarang).

Cipaganti, Jln. Magelang Km 5.6. Tel +62 274 919 4777 / 9124 888.

Central Java Transporter,

Tel: +6285225993574 (, whicht operates 5 seaters and 7 seaters cars and vans.

Leaving Jogja by Train

Trains to Jakarta take between 7-12h from the main Yogyakarta Kota station, commonly called Tugu Station. The Argo-class trains (Argo Lawu and Argo Dwipangga) are the best choice (7.5 hours, Rp380,000 including mineral water and snacks). Taksaka is also good at Rp 235,000-265,000. These express services connect Yogyakarta and Jakarta in 7-8 hours, either at daytime or overnight

To Bandung take the Argo Wilis or Lodaya. There is also an overnight Lodaya and theTurangga from Surabaya. (Rp 150,000).

To Surabaya take the twice-daily Sancaka service departing in the morning and afternoon.

Yogyakarta and Solo are connected by the Prambanan Ekspres which runs several times each day. This is usually the quickest way to travel between Jogja and Solo – misses the traffic jams on the narrow road. It also stops at Maguwo Station near the airport.

Schedule For Trains Leaving Jogja

To Jakarta

KA 51 Kereta Api Taksaka Pagi (Eksekutif) leaves 8 am, arrives Gambir 4 pm

KA 53 Kereta Api Taksaka Malam (Eksekutif) leaves 8 pm, arrives  Gambir 4 am

KA 117 Kereta Api Fajar Utama Yogyakarta (Bisnis) leaves 7 am, arrives Senen 3 pm

KA 119 Kereta Api Senja Utama Yogyakarta (Bisnis) leaves 5.45 pm, arrives Senen 2 am

To Surabaya

KA 84 Kereta Api Sancaka (Eksekutif & Bisnis) leaves 6.45 am, arrives Gubeng 11.30 am

KA 86 Kereta Api Sancaka (Eksekutif & Bisnis) leaves 4.40 pm, arrives Gubeng 10 pm

To Malang

KA 94 Kereta Api Malioboro Ekspres (Eksekutif & Ekonomi AC leaves 7.45 am,arrives 4 pm

KA 96 Kereta Api Malioboro Ekspres (Eksekutif & Ekonomi AC leaves 8.45 pm, arrives 4 am

Tugu Central Railway Station

Tugu Central Railway Station at Jln Mangkubumi 1. Tel +62 274 589685; serves destinations such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Solo. To buy tickets, enter on Jln Pasar Kembang and get a queue spot, then fill out a ticket request slip, consulting the timetables on the wall. You will be called to the appropriate ticket counter, the announcement will be called (in Indonesian only) and displayed on the electronic sign on the wall. You can also buy tickets up to 90 days before departure.

Lempuyangan Railway Station

Lempuyangan Railway Station on Jalan Lempuyangan serves economy class trains with several destinations, including Jakarta Gambir Station (Rp85,000-120,000 – 8 hours night train) and Surabaya Gubeng Station (Rp50,000-60,000 -6 hours)

Jogja to Solo by Train

There are 10 train journeys each way, each day, between Jogja and Solo. The trip takes about one hour and twenty minutes.
From Jogja to Solo the first is at 5.30 am, and the last at 8 pm.
From Solo to Jogja the first is at 7 am, and the last at 7.30 pm
There are two classes of tickets. The Sriwedari costs Rp 13,000 one-way (4 times daily), and the Prameks costs Rp 8,000 one way (6 times daily)
This train can also be used to get to Yogyakarta Airport. The Maguwo station is next to airport, though it is a long walk to the terminal, especially if carrying much luggage.

Leaving Jogja by Plane

 Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Citilink, Batik Air and Air Asia fly each morning and afternoon to Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya, as well as to other cities in Indonesia and overseas. One-way fares are around US$ 70-100, depending on time of day and day of the week.


Motor Bike and Bicycle Rental

There are several rental offices along Jalan Pasar Kembang near the Railway Station, and on Jalan Prawirotaman.

Pertamina Petrol Stations

Pertamina                               Jln Parangtritis, cnr Jln Jogokaryan & Jln Menukan

Pertamina                                Jln Sultan Agung (open 24 hr)

Pertamina                              Jln Letjen Suprapto (open till 10pm)

Pertamina                              Jln Prof Ins Yahannes No 1 (open 24 hr)

Pertamina                              Jln Wonosari (open 24 hr)

Pertamina                              Jln Am Sangaji No 14 (open 24 hr)

Tours and Travel Agents :

Satu Dunia Holidays             Jalan Prawirotaman I No. 44.

Tel: +62 274 414 43    Hotline: +62 822 2054 2888  Email: satudunia_yogyakarta @yahoo.

Lotus Java Holidays             Banyumeng, Banyuraden 13/04, Gamping, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55293

Phone / WhatsApp / SMS:+62-8222-080-0473    Email :

Dewata Tours & Travel        Jln Prawirotaman 27   Tel : +62 274 384389

Freight Forwarders:

M.S.A.                                    Jln Parangtritis 51

Puspa Sari                               Jln Sosrowijayan 15

Rajawali                                  Jln Mataram 31

Titipan Kilat                            ln Mangkubumi


Public Transportation in Jogja

TRANS JOGJA – Around Jogja By Bus

Trans Jogja is a bus rapid transit system that operates in Yogyakarta which has 8 different routes. Trans Jogja operates from 5:30 AM until 9:30 PM.

Ticket costs on Trans Jogja are trip based. Passengers pay for one trip and can go any distance along the bus route. Changing buses is free providing it is done within one hour from the start of the first trip.

TransJogja Ticket Types

 Single-Trip Ticket

Can be purchased at any stop for Rp.3,600 per trip.

Regular Ticket 

Can only be purchased at POS locations. Each trip using a Regular Ticket costs Rp.2,000. The Regular Ticket, unlike the Single-Trip Ticket, can be reloaded with Rp.15,000, Rp.25,000, Rp.50,000, or Rp.100,000 at a time.

Regular Ticket (Student)

Each trip using this student version of the Regular Ticket costs Rp1,800. These can only be obtained through an educational institution, and are for local students.

Regular tickets can only be purchased from the point-of-sale (POS) at the following locations:

Halte Bandara Adisucipto – Halte Terminal Jombor – Halte Laksda Adisucipto (Ambarrukmo Plaza) – Halte Terminal Giwangan – Halte Senopati – Taman Pintar Yogyakarta – Halte Tentara Pelajar SAMSAT – Halte Jl. Kaliurang Kopma UGM – Halte Sudirman Bethesda


Trans Jogja Bus 1 A

Bus Stops : Candi Prambanan – Bandar Udara Adisutjipto – Jembatan Layang Janti – Ambarrukmo Plaza – UIN Sunan Kalijaga – Saphir Square – Bioskop XXI, Jl. Solo – Rumah Sakit Bethesda, Toko Buku Gramedia, Hotel Novotel – Hotel Santika, Pizza Hut Tugu Jogja – Kantor Kedaulatan Rakyat – Stasiun Tugu Jogjakarta – Jalan Malioboro (3 stops) – Kantor Pos Besar, Kraton, Alun-Alun Utara, Monumen 1 Maret, Benteng Vredeburg – Taman Pintar, Taman Parkir Bank Indonesia, Pasar Beringhardjo, Gondomanan – Pasar Sentul (Jl. Taman Siswa) – Taman Makan Pahlawan Kusumanegara – Balaikota Jogjakarta – Kebun Binatang Gembira Loka – Jogja Expo Center – Jembatan Janti (kembali ke arah Kalasan, Bandar Udara Adisutjipto sampai Terminal Prambanan)

Trans Jogja bus 1 B

Bus Stops : Terminal Prambanan – Kalasan – Bandara Adisucipto – Maguwoharjo – Janti (lewat bawah) – Blok O – JEC – Babadan Gedongkuning – Gembira Loka – SGM – Pasar Sentul – Gondomanan – Kantor Pos Besar – PKU Muhammadiyah – Pasar Kembang – Badran – Bundaran SAMSAT – PingitTugu – Gramedia – Bundaran UGM – Colombo – Demangan – UIN Sunan Kalijaga – Janti – Maguwoharjo – Bandra Adisucipto – Kalasan – Terminal Prambanan

Trans Jogja bus 2 A

Bus Stops : Terminal Jombor – Monjali – Tugu – Stasiun Tugu – Malioboro – Kantor Pos Besar – Gondomanan – Jokteng Wetan – Tungkak – Gambiran – Basen – Rejowinangun – Babadan Gedongkuning – Gembira Loka – SGM – Cendana – Mandala Krida – Gayam – Flyover Lempuyangan – Kridosono – Duta Wacana – Galeria – Gramedia – Bunderan UGM – Colombo – Terminal Condongcatur – Kentungan – Monjali – Terminal Jombor

Trans Jogja bus 2 B

Bus Stops : Terminal Jombor – Monjali – Kentungan – Terminal Condong Catur – Colombo – Bundaran UGM – Gramedia – Kridosono – Duta Wacana – Fly-over Lempuyangan – Gayam – Mandala Krida – Cendana – SGM – Gembira loka – Babadan Gedongkuning – Rejowinangun – Basen – Tungkak – Joktengwetan – Gondomanan – Kantor Pos Besar – RS PKU Muhammadiyah – Ngabean – Wirobrajan – BPK – Badran – Bundaran SAMSAT – Pingit – Tugu – Monjali – Terminal Jombor

Trans Jogja bus 3 A

Bus Stops : Terminal Giwangan – Tegalgendu – HS-Silver – Nyi Pembayun – Pegadaian Kotagede – Basen – Rejowinangun – Babadan Gedongkuning – JEC – Blok O – Janti (lewat atas) – Janti – Maguwoharjo – Bandara ADISUCIPTO – Maguwoharjo – Ringroad Utara – Terminal Condongcatur – Kentungan – MM UGM – Mirota Kampus – Gondolayu – Tugu – Pingit – Bundaran SAMSAT – Badran – Pasar Kembang – Stasiun TUGU – Malioboro – Kantor Pos Besar – RS PKU Muhammadiyah – Ngabean – Jokteng Kulon – Plengkung Gading – Jokteng Wetan – Tungkak – Wirosaban – Tegalgendu – Terminal Giwangan

Trans Jogja bus 3 B

Bus Stops: Terminal Giwangan – Tegalgendu – Wirosaban – Tungkak – Jokteng Wetan – Plengkung Gading – Jokteng Kulon – Ngabean – RS PKU Muhammadiyah – Pasar Kembang – Badran – Bundaran SAMSAT – Pingit – Tugu – Gondolayu – Mirota Kampus – MM UGM – Kentungan – Terminal Condong Catur – Ringroad Utara – Maguwoharjo – Bandara Adisucipto -Maguwoharjo – JANTI (lewat bawah) – Blok O – JEC – Babadan Gedongkuning – Rejowinangun – Basen – Pegadaian Kotagede – Nyi Pembayun – HS-Silver – Tegalgendu – Terminal Giwangan

Trans Jogja bus 4 A

Bus Stops : Terminal Giwangan – SMK Muhammadiyah 3 – Museum Biologi UGM – Hayam Wuruk – SMPN 5 – Puro Pakualaman – Taman Siswa – Universitas Ahmad Dahlan – Terminal Giwangan

Trans Jogja bus 4 B

Bus Stops : Terminal Giwangan – SMK Muhammadiyah 3 -Kusumanegara 3 – SGM – STPMD 1 – UIN Sunan Kalijaga 1 – Gedung Wanita – LPP – Sudirman 1 – SMPN 5 – AA YKPN – De Britto – UIN Sunan Kalijaga 2 – STPMD 2 – SMKN 5 – Kusumanegara 4 – Pasar Seni – Universitas Ahmad Dahlan – Terminal Giwangan