Mount Bromo Travel Guide

Looking Across the Sand Sea to smoking Mt Bromo in centre of picture


Mount Bromo Travel Guide shows how to get to and from Mount Bromo.  You will be able to see one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world. Often over 100 people line the rim of Bromo’s crater to watch the mist and sand-sea change colours as shafts of light reach into the valley. Quite spectacular and a unique experience.

Leaving the hotel on the outside rim at 4.00 am the dawn worshippers descend on horseback onto the icy sand-sea. Two km away some 200 steps lead up to Bromo itself which pumps white sulphur smoke into the air. Most visitors are breathing or puffing strongly as the top of the stairs up Bromo is 2,300 metres (7,000 ft) above sea level.

Bus from Probolinggo to Mount Bromo

The entry point to Mt. Bromo is 2 km from Probolinggo, which is 100km east of Surabaya towards Bali on the north coast road. The road climbs steadily for 20 km then steeply for 5 km to Sukapura. Another steep winding 18km leads to the Tengger village of Ngadisari. These Tengger villagers are among the last people in Java who follow the Hindu religion. When asked if the people of Sukapura are Hindu too, the answer is no, they are Moslem. The Hindu people from there have gone to Bali. In fact, it is more likely that Ngadisari and the surrounding hills were so hard to reach that Moslem teachers were never able to penetrate the area.

Coming from Bali on an overnight bus you will arrive at Probolinggo at around 12.00 midnight. Get off at the Hotel Bromo Permai II opposite the bus teminal (next to the railway line) on the main street, or at the Hotel Victoria 1km away also on the main street, Jin. Sudirman.

From either of these hotels there is transportation to Bromo leaving at around 2.00 am. To Ngadisari takes around 1 ½  hours, then another colt mini-bus 2km to the Bromo Permai 1 Hotel which is on the outside rim over¬looking the black sand-sea and Bromo itself. If you arrive at Probolinggo during the day, go direct to Bromo Permai I Hotel or one of the cheaper losmen in Ngadisari village.

Two km past Ngadisari is the Bromo Permai Hotel. At night the restaurant at the hotel buzzes with excitement in anticipation of what the early morning will bring. In October, for example, sunrise is at 5.10 am, so its best to wake up at 3.45 am, have coffee and ride on horseback 30 minutes (2 km) to the steps, climb the steps up to the rim and watch the colours change as dawn approaches. Once up on the rim walk around to the left (east) for a better view and to avoid the sulphur fumes. The climb up the steps literally takes your breath away, probably due to the altitude. Asthmatics should be wary of climbing Bromo. Following sunrise, many people prefer to walk back across the sand-sea. However, the climb back up to the hotel is quite exhausting. By 7.30 am most people are back at the hotel for breakfast and the descent back down to the coast.

Mount Bromo Travel Guide

Bus from Mount Bromo to Bali or Yogyakarta

Arriving back at Probolinggo at around 9.00 or 10.00 am next morning, the next leg may be a problem as it is at least 7 hours by day-bus to Denpasar or Jogja, both 300 — 400 km away. If you are heading towards Bali and don’t want to travel through the heat of the day, you can catch a bus to Surabaya (4 hours) and then fly to Bali. Take a bus that does not go on the new toll road (‘jangan lewat tol’) and get off at Aloha and then charter a bemo to the airport Rp 2,000 (5 km). If you are heading west it is recommended to go to Malang, 100 km away. From Malang there are overnight buses to Jogja or Jakarta.