East Bali Travel Guide

The south-eastern coast of Bali is the cradle of a civilisation that blossomed after the Majapahit Kingdom fled from Java in the 14th Century. Klung-kung was the seat of the first and still premier royal family in Bali. The other royal families are said to have been members of the king’s family who moved away from Klungkung to set up in their own right. In later centuries they waged war with each other.… Read More East Bali Travel Guide

Candidasa Travel Guide

Candi Dasa is named after a temple overlooking the tidal lagoon, 13km from Karangasem and 67km from Denpasar. Candi Dasa is in a very pretty setting. The main street is shaded by overhanging Kapok and coconut trees, and most of the accommodation is set amongst coconut plantations, so the whole area is cool and breezy. The view from the beach sweeps from Nusa Penida island to the inlet of Padangbai with a lighthouse on the head­land. On the landward side, there are rolling hills which are difficult to climb, but offer fantastic views once you get to the top.… Read More Candidasa Travel Guide

Lovina and North Bali Travel Guide

Lovina Beach, on the north coast of Bali, is actually a number of beaches and villages spread out along 8km of coastline to the west of Singaraja. Lovina proper, which is at Kalibukbuk village, is llkm from Singaraja and offers a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and other facilities. The other grouping of places to stay and eat is centred on Anturan village at the 8km post. The first place out of Singaraja, Baruna Cottages, is only 3-4km from Banyuasri Bus Terminal and petrol station.… Read More Lovina and North Bali Travel Guide